Kitchen corner units

Curved pull-out corner cabinets

Keep your kitchen contents at your fingertips with a curved pull-out corner cabinet.

The manoeuvrable cabinet gives maximum access; making those difficult spaces easy to reach – ideal for heavier items you don't want to damage.

Curved base corner storage units can stow away bulky kitchen essentials such as spice racks, wine coolers and tin trays. To retrieve, simply pull the contents towards you in one easy motion.

Kitchen corner units

Magic corner cabinets

Double your cupboard space with magic corner cabinets.

Two complete storage units are attached to one another in a single corner cabinet – one is secured to the inside of the door and, on opening, automatically pulls the other one forward in a seamless motion.

Ideal for storing pots and pans; there's no need to bury them deep in an unused corner.

Kitchen corner units

Carousel corner cabinets

In contrast to the pull-out mechanism, corner carousel units rotate (just like a carousel) and are best suited to corners and L-shaped kitchens.

Trays are fixed inside the cabinet and simply swivel, so it's easy to see every item in the cupboard.

Opt for a half carousel if you simply need access to hard-to-reach corners, but if you want to maximise your storage space, opt for the three-quarter carousel.

Kitchen corner units

Corner drawers

Kitchen drawers seem to attract all of those odds and ends that don't have a designated home.

If you have an awkward corner in your kitchen, utilise the small space with a corner draw – a place to keep cutlery clean and accessible.

Once installed, keep the drawers organised with dividers and trays to maintain a neat and tidy finish – sectioning your utensils to suit your everyday needs.

Kitchen corner units

How to choose a corner cabinet

  • Consider how much space you have – it's important to measure your internal kitchen cabinet units and drawers before you buy.
  • Always take the dimensions from the inside of the frames – where the storage mechanisms will be fitted.
  • Corner cabinets are available in a wide choice of door styles and colours – ready to be matched perfectly to your kitchen.

Making the most of your kitchen space can be a challenge – but re-working your kitchen's storage doesn't have to be a big project.

When every pot, pan and utensil has its own designated space, cooking in the kitchen becomes quicker and simpler.

Corner cabinets make better use of limited and unused space, they improve access to hard-to-reach areas and free-up worktop space leaving you with an organised kitchen for cooking, easting and entertaining.