Ten storage ideas for your kitchen accessories

Storage ideas

When you have limited space to organise kitchen accessories, make every inch work extra hard.

Endless utensils, jars, cans, pots and pans can soon fill up your cabinet space – so creating innovative organisation is essential to solve your storage dilemmas.

Clever storage solutions will make kitchen life much simpler – whether you use the space for cooking, working or entertaining.

For most households, the kitchen is the hub of the home – so clutter-free worktops and practical storage ideas will keep the room functional and looking good.

Corner storage

1Corner storage

Corner storage

2Drawer storage

Drawer storage

3A pantry or larder

A pantry or larder

4Bins and recycling

Bins and recycling

5Wall storage

Wall storage

6Pull-out cabinet organizer

Pull-out cabinet organizer

7Kitchen island

Kitchen island

8Integrated chopping board

Integrated chopping board

9Dish drawer

Dish drawer

10Open shelves