Wren Kitchens installation guides

If you are going to install your new kitchen yourself, make sure you have pre-booked qualified service engineers and plumbers to connect up appliances, sinks and taps as the installation progresses.


The following instructions are simple but helpful kitchen installation guidelines. We list the sequence of events you need to follow to successfully install your kitchen and point out some of the potential complications that could arise or cause delays during installation.

Please read all of the information contained within our guide before proceeding with your kitchen installation. We at Wren Kitchens strongly advise you to get professional help if you are at all unsure on any of the points covered in the guide pages.


Make sure that any pre-installation work on re-positioning electrical sockets, gas and water supplies has been carried out before you start installing your Wren Kitchen.

Please be aware that every kitchen is unique. This guide is intended purely to provide helpful hints to assist a competent DIY enthusiast. It is not an exhaustive list of all issues that should be considered when installing your own kitchen. As a result, Wren can accept no liability whatsoever.