First, some wine storage rules

Some wine storage rules

Remember that wine needs to be looked after. When designing wine storage, make sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Store your wine away from any heat sources (like the fridge, toaster, or oven) in a cool environment. It can hurt the quality.
  • Don't keep your wine in direct light - opt for a dark, shaded area. Natura light can affect the taste.
  • Always keep wine bottles stored horizontally, so the cork doesn't dry out.

Choose storage that offers the right environment to ensure your wine will last long and taste delicious for years - or hours - to come.

1. Wine coolers: A class act

Wine coolers

A necessity for any keen wine drinker, wine coolers are designed solely to sustain the quality of your wine and provide easy access for when you fancy a glass or two. With a range of design options, it's easy to find a wine cooler that suits your kitchen:

  • Freestanding wine coolers can be moved around to suit activity levels in your kitchen.
  • Integrated wine coolers are built into your kitchen layout and can sit flush with your floor units or be mounted to sit between wall cabinets, for a sleek effect.
  • Slimline wine coolers are ideal for small kitchens as they are narrow and can easily be slotted into a tight space.

Check out our tips for choosing a wine cooler for more inspiration.

2. Land ahoy: Wine island

Land ahoy: Wine island

Islands are brilliant for improving kitchen storage and functionality, and they can provide a solution for your wine bottles, too. Deep, square compartments can be fitted at one end of your island, which you can easily slot bottles into.

The number of compartments you include is up to you - consider adding a row at the top or bottom of your island, or turn one entire side into a whole area for wine storage. This provides quick access when you need a splash for cooking, and once you've run out, the compartments can be used to store other narrow kitchen utensils.

3. Shelf art: Wine on display

Shelf art: Wine on display

Go the extra mile and turn your wine bottles into an art display. An open shelving unit that has both narrow compartments and larger-sized spaces allows you to showcase your wine bottles alongside accessories, plants or your favourite wine glasses.

4. Feeling griddy: Finding space for wine storage

Finding space for wine storage

If you don't have the space for a wine cooler or a designated shelf, consider fitting a narrow grid of wine bottle compartments into your kitchen layout. A row of five compartments is about the same size as a kitchen drawer, and so can be fitted into a range of nooks and crannies in your kitchen.

A wine bottle grid can be installed horizontally or vertically, and so it's easy to find a space between cupboards or swap one of your drawers out to fit one in. And, like wine storage on an island, if you run out of wine you can use the space to store other kitchen essentials.

No more excuses - regardless of your kitchen's size, you can find a place to show off your favourite reds, whites, and pinks. Now sit back and celebrate with a glass of your favourite wine.

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