10 tips for small kitchen storage solutions

Small kitchen ideas

When it comes to clutter, less is definitely more in a modest-sized kitchen. All it takes is a few stray plates and a misplaced utensil and the space can suddenly seem smaller.

However, having a petite kitchen shouldn't stop you from making it a space that's functional, stylish and clutter-free – you just need to get a little smarter when it comes to storage.

This guide is packed with small kitchen storage tips to help you maximise every square-inch of your kitchen.

10 tips for small kitchen storage solutions

1 De-clutter

Before you even begin your storage strategy, now is the time to have a purge. Take a look through your collection of cutlery, crockery and kitchen utensils and be brutally honest; do you really need all of it?


2 Hanging accessories

Brass or silver pans and other kitchen utensils such as whisks and ladles don't necessarily need to be stored away in a drawer. Hang them above your workstation using chrome or stainless steel hooks and you have a stylish and convenient storage solution.

3 Corner cupboard

Make the most of any cupboard space you have by investing in a unit that features a corner cupboard. Designed to make the most efficient use of the space, this can be the perfect place to store away secondary crockery and other kitchen utensils that are used less frequently, making it a perfect piece of storage in a small kitchen.

Corner cupboard

4 Pull-out larder

Kitchen larders are a great place to store bulky cereals, tins, herbs and spices. If you don't have the space for a walk-in pantry, consider installing a pull-out larder instead.

This contemporary space-saver makes finding items a breeze thanks to being open on several sides, and can be neatly pushed away to blend in with your kitchen cupboard unit when not required.

Pull-out larder

5 Glass jars

Bulky bags of sugar, rice, oats and other everyday essentials can soon fill your modest cupboard space before you know it, leaving little room for anything else.

One small kitchen storage idea is to put these items in decorative glass jars on a shelf which can turn these otherwise mundane items into a feature wall, which can be tweaked to suit rustic or modern design.

6 Sharp storage

A worktop knife block can often be just another item cluttering up your workstation, so why not get smart with a magnetic strip along the wall to hang them from?

Alternatively, an integrated knife block in one of your drawers keeps your knives clean and safely tucked away, without taking up valuable counter space, making it an ideal small kitchen storage solution.

7 Shelves inside cabinets

Make the most of the cabinets you have and invest in some wire cabinets to go inside. This will enable you to conveniently store away your crockery and utensils, maximising the space from top to bottom.

Shelves inside cabinets

8 Utensil jar

Wooden spoons and baking utensils can often encroach limited drawer space, however they can look great placed against your workstation wall in a pretty ceramic jug in a colour which perfectly complements your kitchen. It may be simple, but it’s definitely effective, especially if you're trying for a particular theme.

9 Go digital

If you're something of a cook and a bit of a foodie, then it's likely that your cookbook collection seems to grow and grow after every Christmas. If you're short on shelf space, then perhaps it's time to go digital and download recipes to your tablet instead, to save space in your small kitchen.

But how best to cook and follow along at the same time? Using a tablet stand, you can track the steps easily from the screen while your books can remain stored away in pristine condition.

Go digital

10 Extra shelf space

If you happen to have a spare wall, but not enough room for another cupboard unit, then some creative shelf space could provide an easy-on-the-eye answer. For example, two pairs of wooden step-ladders and some reclaimed wood can become a makeshift shelving unit used to display your best kitchenware.

A little imagination in the kitchen can go a long way when it comes to storage, allowing you to turn ordinary kitchen utensils into extraordinary features that maximise your space and remove unwanted clutter. To see how you can turn these small kitchen storage ideas into a reality, try our online kitchen planner.