Design ideas for small kitchens

Small kitchen ideas

A small kitchen can seem restricting, especially if you love to cook and bake recipes from scratch, or you dream of entertaining for guests. These things, unfortunately, come hand-in-hand with a need for ample cabinet and worktop space, which can cause a problem if your kitchen's a little smaller than desired!

But, there are things that can be done. We've compiled some of our favourite design ideas that will help combat your small space and have you feeling like Head Chef in no time.

Back to basics

Back to basics

If you're planning a complete redesign, don't feel restricted by your kitchen's current layout. The key to making your small kitchen seem bigger is creating an efficient, clever space with maximum storage. Galley layouts are ideal as long, wall to wall cabinets will give you optimum storage and worktop space, plus you avoid leaving any dead areas trapped in the corners of your kitchen.

If you've got the room, try incorporating a breakfast bar into your design. The beauty of a breakfast bar is that it gives you a dining option that can also double as an extra worktop. However, if you're desperate to include a proper table in your kitchen, consider investing in a folding or extending model. This means you can have the benefit of a proper dining table when guests are over, whilst still saving on space when it's not in use.

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Styling the space

Styling the space

A neutral colour will help to open out a small room. Consider painting your table and chairs the same tone as your walls as this will help make your kitchen look spacious and unified.

Open shelving will add interest to your design and is a stylish way of adding extra storage if you're not keen on using tall cabinets. The open shelves will help to create light and space, which might be more beneficial to a small kitchen, rather than just overcrowding it with tall units.

When it comes to choosing your cabinet doors, handleless and gloss designs will keep the room streamlined and make it appear more spacious as they reflect light.

It's all about the Accessories

It's all about the Accessories

Accessories take up the general bulk of most kitchens, so learning to organise and minimalize your collection will help your small kitchen appear more spacious. When it comes to your electric and hand appliances you need to be realistic. Choose smaller and more compact options, combinational machines like blenders and mixers are great for this. Try and condense your collection. If there's an appliance you hardly ever use then think about storing it elsewhere, perhaps in a loft or cupboard where it's out of the way, or even donate it to a friend or local charity.

If you're cupboard and shelves are all full, then hanging pots, mugs and tea towels onto your walls, or the edges of your shelves, is a brilliant way to create a simple and effective storage solution that also looks great. Hanging hooks onto open shelves and cupboards is also extremely low cost and very simple DIY, so what have you got to lose?

Have you got any creative storage and design ideas for small kitchens? We'd love to hear about them!

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