How to incorporate gold, brass, and copper kitchen accents

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Brass and copper coloured kitchen accessories – like pans, utensils, and light shades – have been top of the trends in recent years. And now interest in gold and rose gold kitchen shades is gathering pace too.

Where stainless steel silver once dominated in design, now warmer colours are showing their mettle. From rose gold taps to brass kitchen cabinet handles, there are plenty of subtle ways you can add metallic hues into your cooking and dining areas. Here's how you can use these accents to add a warm and colourful edge to your kitchen.

Amplify your kitchen style with metallic hues

Brass, gold, and copper look stylish in traditional and contemporary kitchens. If your cooking area evokes a country aesthetic, a brass or copper colour scheme can add a homely touch to the room and echo the accessories of kitchens from days of old.

Adding these Juliet Brushed Copper Knob Handles to a country kitchen with grey shaker cabinets is a simple way to amp up a classic look, while adding in a warm and bright touch.

Similarly, contemporary kitchens can benefit from warm metallic tones, as they add a striking pop of colour to a minimalist room.

Add this Della Tap in Rose Gold to a kitchen decorated with white countertops and lagoon blue slab doors to create a cool postmodern vibe.

Add colour to a monochrome kitchen

Add colour to a monochrome kitchen

If your kitchen is largely black or white, then brass, rose gold or copper highlights are an excellent way to add a subtle pop of colour to the room. Matt black is another colour trend on the rise for kitchens and these hues all look great against something dark and dusky.

For example, the copper kitchen tap and brushed brass handles in this Shaker Kitchen in Raven Matt harmonise with the a wood countertops and, together with the black doors and walls, make the room feel cosy.

While warm metallics are excellent for making black kitchens even more chic, they also stand out well in all-white kitchens. Add punches of copper kitchen accents to break up the uniformity of the white, and create a bold statement, such as the copper profiles and statement pendant lights in this Milano Ultra in Bianco.

Complement colours with brass or copper

As well as black and white, other kitchen colour schemes can be complemented by gold, copper, or brass details. A copper colour scheme balances blue or green features well because it is close to orange. For example, the selection of accents in this Shaker Kitchen in Fossil Grey contrasts beautifully against its dark blue walls to add a hint of daring to an otherwise traditional design.

On the other hand, you could use warm metallic colours to blend into your kitchen's colour scheme. Shades like brass and rose gold can pair well with pinks to create a soft, romantic feel, just like in this Shaker Fossil Grey kitchen.

Add a pop of colour to handles and taps

Think about how strong you'd like the metallic kitchen colours you choose to feature in your room before you select your accents. If you're looking for a subtle addition that will brighten up your cooking and dining areas then brass, rose gold, and copper handles and taps are a great way to do this. For example, place brass kitchen cupboard handles like these 200mm Sarah Brushed Brass Pull Handles on all your kitchen cupboard doors to make the room feel brighter while quietly blending in.

For a slightly bolder addition to the room, you could also choose brass or gold or gold kitchen accessories such as taps, or an entire copper kitchen sink. As we think of these kinds of appliances as purely being functional, it's easy for them to make your room feel brighter in an almost subconscious way.

Alternatively, you could introduce subtle hints of metallic by incorporating cabinets with metal trimming around the edge. The metallic kitchen tones will glimmer beautifully in the light, bringing a unique layer of detail to your kitchen design.

Make a statement with metallic kitchen hues

Make a statement with metallic kitchen hues

While hues like copper and brass can transform some often-overlooked areas of your kitchen, they can also be a more central part of your design.

Metallic lighting over kitchen islands is an excellent way to create a statement and draw the eye, as is the case in this Country Ermine Kitchen in Blueberry Matt. If you want these metallic hues to be one of the key parts of your kitchen design, then think big: consider adding a splashback in gold, copper, or brass and accompany it with a hood in the same colour – this Faber Talika Wall Mounted Hood in copper would add a cool, almost-industrial touch to contemporary kitchen designs.

There's also the option of buying essentials like a kettle, a toaster and tea, coffee, and sugar canisters in shades like rose gold. They're quick to add and easy to remove if your style changes later.

Copper kitchen ideas

Whilst metallic kitchens are certainly having a moment, copper has become the star of the show. Take a look at these ideas on how you can specifically incorporate copper kitchen accents in your room.

Traditional vs modern copper

Copper is a special colour because it can look both traditional and modern, depending on the shade and finish used.

Traditional copper has a brassy undertone and looks best with a rustic, unpolished finish. The very first metal cooking appliances were copper or bronze cauldrons, first created during the Bronze Age. While the way copper is produced and used has changed, it's difficult to get more traditional than copper!

But, copper can also look modern. Rose gold, created by blending copper and yellow gold, is on-trend. Choosing copper appliances in this rosy shade and pairing them with a glossy, polished finish will add bright warmth that suits any modern kitchen design.

Copper cooking utensils

Metallic cooking appliances are an easy way to incorporate copper kitchen accents. Capable of looking either traditional or modern, it feels like there are endless varieties of copper appliances to choose from.

Traditional kitchens will benefit from adding non-electric copper implements to the room. Heavy-based copper pans are a fantastic investment: as well as being stylish, they feel professional to cook with. Traditional copper looks best when it's been well-used and so it'll be at home in your kitchen for years to come.

Appliances such as copper colanders, stove-top kettles, measuring spoons or cups, ladles and unpolished storage jars will achieve a similar effect.

Modern kitchens should, however, look towards copper electrical equipment for a thoroughly contemporary effect. Copper toasters accented with silver or glossy black will look on-trend and stylish. Match the toaster with an electric kettle, microwave or standalone mixer for cross-kitchen consistency.

As an easy and practical way to add colour to areas of your kitchen that you might not have thought of before, hues like brass, copper and gold are ideal. It's easy to see why the trend towards these metallic accents is continuing to grow, which is unsurprising, given the impact on the overall atmosphere of your kitchen they can have. If you're thinking of redecorating your kitchen, we're sure you'll be pleased with the warmth and brightness these colours evoke. To see how you can create the perfect metallic kitchen for you, book an appointment to visit your nearest Wren showroom, or try out our online kitchen planner.