How to create a farmhouse kitchen

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There are few designs more homely and comforting than the farmhouse kitchen. Designed with socialising in mind, a farmhouse kitchen design provides the space needed to create fabulous foods whilst entertaining and mingling with friends and family.

Farmhouse kitchens certainly aren't minimalist; as the central hub of the home, a true farmhouse kitchen should be full of ingredients and equipment to create a wide variety of meals. This doesn't mean that they're cluttered, as creative kitchen storage solutions provide a unique means by which to display and store your favourite kitchenware.

There are many ways to devise a farmhouse theme that can work in any kitchen, big or small, whilst some choices can also help to bring a touch of modernity to this traditional, rustic style. Let's take a look at some of the key features for a warm, homely and attractive farmhouse kitchen.

Colour scheme and finish

1Colour scheme and finish

Colour scheme and finish

2Units and workspaces

Units and workspaces

3Sinks and taps

Sinks and taps