Start with a good idea.

If your workspace is overcrowded and your storage options have been exhausted then it's time to update your kitchen. Start with a good idea that centers around a practical layout, such as the Kitchen Work Triangle, which focuses on keeping your sink, stove and refrigerator all within an easy distance of one another.

Make sure that bins and recycling boxes are left in a convenient location, preferably one that isn't in plain sight, so that cleaning whilst cooking will become easy. Think about installing a central island to increase your storage space, as well as adding an extra work surface. An island also brings a unique blend of style and practicality that you don't get from wall cabinetry.

Updating kitchen

Keep things light, airy and de-cluttered

Cluttered work surfaces and overcrowded cabinets look terrible. One way to combat this problem is to have a look at some of the storage options that are available to you. Innovative storage will provide an excellent way of keeping your bins, cutlery, chopping boards and kitchen gadgets out of sight. You'll also find it much easier to keep your kitchen clean and hygienic.

If your cupboard doors are looking a little sad, then you can always buy some specialist paint and give them a new lease of life. The trick is to opt for a light and airy design – so think lots of natural and artificial light, gloss surfaces, pale colours and plenty of room to walk around in. That means creating open walkways between cabinets, as well as keeping floors clean and clear at all times.

Updating kitchen

Colour, colour, everywhere

Updating your kitchen isn't just about new units and appliances – it's about new colour schemes and design styles. If you're happy with your cupboards and wall colour then why not turn your attention to the floor for an injection of colour?

Over time flooring can look tired, scuffed and become more difficult to clean. Opting for something new can be a quick and simple way to renovate your kitchen. Patterned floor tiles are very on trend for 2015 and this classic option will look great in both traditional and contemporary homes.

Updating kitchen

If you're unsure; stay co-ordinated

If you want your kitchen to look smart, then have a look at your colour scheme from a practical point of view and ensure it is co-ordinated. A mish-mash of colour can be bewildering. An eclectic style may suit some rooms but it's still important that colours go well together and don't look out of place.

You don't have to create a gleaming steel edifice, but try sticking to just a few colours to avoid your kitchen looking more like an explosion in a paint factory than a culinary paradise!

These simple tips should get you well on the way to designing your perfect kitchen for 2015.