How to design a sage green kitchen

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Sage green is on-trend for any room in the home, especially the kitchen. Ideal for anything from a farmhouse kitchen to an ultra-modern layout, you can opt for things like sage green kitchen cabinets, walls or accessories. Learn how to mix and match with different colours and textures and you'll be able to create your dream sage green design.

How can I add sage green to my kitchen?

Sage green's matt, organic quality means you can use it on almost any feature in your kitchen to create an effortless look. You can try:

How can I add sage green to my kitchen?

Sage green cupboards and cabinets

Sage green units will make a design statement without being overbearing. If you have a large kitchen, consider complementing sage green units against a neutral-coloured island.

While sage green cabinets can be used across the entire scheme in a small kitchen, make sure to balance them out with different coloured worktops and flooring so the room isn't too green.

Sage green worktops

If you want to include a small touch of sage green in your kitchen, consider pairing sage green worktops with units in a less distinctive shade, such as cream. This way, you can highlight a pop of colour without making it the main feature of the room.

Sage green worktops

Sage green kitchen walls

As a calming and organic colour, sage green is a perfect choice to use on kitchen walls. If you have a large kitchen, consider painting a feature wall or colour-blocking a section of your kitchen with sage green.

Alternatively, sage green wall tiles can be contrasted against white or light grey walls to help make a small kitchen feel more spacious.

Sage green kitchen accessories

If you're not ready to commit to permanent sage green fixtures, test out how the colour works in your kitchen by adding sage green accessories. Things like tea towels, dishes, oven mitts and plant pots can bring a subtle yet effective pop of colour into your design, and the versatility of sage green means accessories like these will look seamless in virtually any kitchen.

Colours to use with sage green

Sage green is special because it complements a whole host of other colours, from pure white to midnight black. The best way to find the right match is to play around – use our kitchen planner to experiment with your dream design.

However, there are certain classic colour combinations that work especially well.

Colours to use with sage green

For a country cottage kitchen

Pair sage green with pale wooden touches and shades of white and cream. Light wood flooring, sage units and white worktops will create a farmhouse feel. Creamy walls with white shelving will help to lighten up a small kitchen, and placing white wall tiles above the worktops will add a hint of vintage.

A single dark feature, such as a range oven, will give a rustic edge to the overall effect. Similarly, touches of copper across the scheme, such as on a pendant light, taps or cupboard door handles, will bring an antique shine to a country kitchen.

For a country cottage kitchen

For a contemporary kitchen

Use sage green alongside muted tones of grey and off-white to incorporate colour in a modern-minded design scheme. Using sage green on the worktops and the walls can make the room feel bigger and create a contemporary atmosphere.

Dark flooring in a matt finish can add a rich texture, and handleless cabinets in off-white or pale grey will subtly brighten up the overall effect. Consider integrating a navy-blue statement piece, using accessories or even a kitchen island for a truly unique finish.

For a contemporary kitchen

For a traditional kitchen

An earthy and natural colour, sage green works well with different shades of cream and brown. Using this colour pallet will give your kitchen an organic vibe that looks effortless and feels relaxing.

Consider pairing sage units with walnut flooring and matching worktops, and choose a rich creamy shade to brighten up the walls. For an artistic touch, add depth and texture to your scheme by creating a feature wall with sage paint and patterned tiles.

Once you start to look at incorporating sage green into your kitchen, the possibilities become endless. Whether you use it on the walls, units, worktops, or all over, it will bring style to your home. Browse our  green kitchens for more inspiration on how you can use sage green to suit your unique sense of style.

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