Best Kitchen Designs and Features for Entertaining


No matter what the occasion, or how hard you try to keep your culinary centre a secret from guests, if you are entertaining then they will end up in your kitchen. Accept it and embrace it.

The pull to the eating area will never ever go away and that is the reason we have devised these top tips to help you to design a kitchen with entertaining in mind. There will be no preparing desserts behind closed doors, or running to grab the wine from the fridge in this instance – so take pride in your kitchen and make it the central hub it’s longing to be.


 When entertaining, the one nightmare of the night is always wine glass rings that get left on your furniture. If you’re hoping to have guests over a lot, investing in easy to wipe countertops can be invaluable to your clean-up process – so opt for granite, or laminate work surfaces.

Wren Shaker Ermine  Passion Flower kitchen

The new Shaker Ermine Passion Flower kitchen


You want your kitchen to look its best when having guests over, so sleek and well-placed appliances are a must. If cooking is part of your entertaining process, then a high quality oven will benefit you to no end; allowing you to get your food out on time and have it cooked to perfection.

Any appliances that you will leave out on the countertops should be well placed and coordinate with your kitchen décor. When designing the kitchen, take at look at where the plug outlets are and make sure you set up your appliances to ensure nothing will be in the way of you and your guests having a good time.

Wren Designer Range Shaker Ermine True White Kitchen


Getting creative with your seating arrangements can be a real help when entertaining, as letting tired feet rest will mean no complaints and more drinks!

A great way to incorporate seating into your kitchen is with an island. It’ll create further storage, act as a barrier behind which you can prepare food and also double as a stylish seated bar! Look at designer ranges which offer some great island seating options; perfect for entertaining.

Cntempoary Kitchen With Plain Floor and Wood Cabinets


Ensuring you have adequate storage is extremely important for hosting guests. You will need ample table space, so you can’t afford to have your kitchen cluttered with extra bowls and plates that are waiting to be used. By making sure you’ve got enough cupboard space for all your crockery and food, you can keep your tables clear and your guests happy. You should also consider the tableware, cutlery and crockery that you use and ensure you have enough for all your guests; miss-matched knives, forks and plates never look good.

Kitchen Larder Storage Cabinet

Don’t let your kitchen get in the way of the party of the year. With these few simple changes you could be ready to host guests at the drop of a hat, all year round! It’s all about ease when entertaining, you need to make sure you and your guests are relaxed. So, whatever your choice of kitchen design, make sure it is easy and accessible to get around and you’ll be good to go!


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