Use light colours

Although I love the rich wooden tones and dark work surfaces of traditional kitchens, if you're working in a smaller space it's always a good idea to keep the colours as light and bright as possible.

Light colours

Shaker kitchens and similar airy styles can work really well in a small space, bouncing light around the room and giving the impression that the kitchen diner is larger than it is.

Create a place for everything

One of the worst offenders for making a kitchen feel small is excess mess and clutter. By simply ensuring that you've got a place to tidy all your appliances, ingredients and utensils away to, can help you avoid this problem altogether.

A place for everything

If you really can't fit everything into your cupboards, try to choose appliances that will enhance the space, rather than make it feel cluttered. Well-designed toasters, blenders and eye-catching kettles can all be left out on the worktop as stylish accessories. Just remember to keep them clean and tidy to avoid ruining the illusion!

Choose your seating carefully

Whether you've opted for a separate dining table and chairs, or a built in breakfast bar, I think that having chairs that tuck under the eating surface can make a huge difference to the look and feel of the room. Bucky seating will take up unnecessary room and make the place look smaller. There are even great table and chair options that fold away from view or fit together snugly for a clean look – this Country Kitchen in Acorn and Parchment is an ideal choice.

 Spacious Kitchen Dine

Build into the walls

Build into the walls

Building tables, benches and seating areas directly into your walls can save a lot of space and will also look fantastic.

If you've got an empty corner, try installing some built-in benches and then place a table in the middle. Not only with this add a stylish touch to the space, it will help you to make the most of your cosy kitchen and create more usable areas.

Create a flexible space

A big part of creating a successful kitchen diner is ensuring that the finished results work for you, so try to focus on making the space as flexible as possible. Things like extendable tables, kitchen islands and sink covers can help you adapt the space to suit your needs while retaining a great finish and fantastic look.

Though smaller kitchens require a little more thought, with some imagination and creativity you can design the kitchen diner of your dreams. Why not get the drawing board out now and see what you come up with?