Best places for a built-in coffee machine in a kitchen

Layout ideas

A built-in coffee machine is the perfect kitchen appliance for any coffee enthusiast, and something you should absolutely think about if you can't get by without your morning (or afternoon!) pick-me-up.

A permanent fixture in your kitchen, a built-in coffee machine will bring a modern and luxurious feel to your space. When adding one to your layout, the most important factor is where to install it. Here, we tell you all you need to know, offering inspiration and helpful tips on how you can make a built-in coffee machine a gorgeous addition to your kitchen.

Keep it tucked away?

Keep it tucked away?

There are certain benefits to slotting your built-in coffee machine away behind a cupboard door. If you have a vintage or traditional-looking kitchen, you may not want to put modern gadgets at the forefront of the room. It could be more in the style of your kitchen to install your built-in coffee machine behind a gorgeous wooden cupboard door.

If you have a modern-themed kitchen, a built-in coffee machine can add another contemporary layer, especially when worked in tangent with the colour scheme of the room and positioned beside a similar appliance. Create a uniform look by styling a stainless-steel built-in coffee machine alongside other stainless-steel appliances, for a clean, minimalistic appeal.

Slot it in the corner

Positioning your built-in coffee machine in the corner of your kitchen allows for easy access without compromising on too much worktop space. Whether you have a large or compact layout, this allows you to be economical with the space available, so you can use your worktops for preparing mugs and biscuits to go with your fresh coffee!

If you have a traditionally-styled kitchen, slotting your coffee machine to the side of the room means you can access coffee at the touch of a button without disrupting the traditional feel of your design scheme. Similarly, a minimalist kitchen will benefit from the clean, fuss-free appeal of having it tucked neatly in place.

Show off your coffee machine

Show off your coffee machine

Your built-in coffee machine is something to shout about, so why not make it the centrepiece of your kitchen for all to see? Whether you keep it beside similar appliances against the wall or with some surface space to work with, you can give your built-in coffee machine the star treatment.

If you're someone who likes to grab a quick coffee and dash, then you might be better served by cleanly installing your built-in coffee machine flush against the wall. Style it beside your cooker or microwave to retain a consistently sleek and attractive look to your kitchen. This is especially effective if you have a small kitchen, as you aren't compromising on much surface space.

When styling a more traditional kitchen, you might be better off installing your built-in coffee machine on top of a contrasting surface, sectioning it off into its own distinct area. An attractive stone work surface looks great with a sleek built-in coffee machine in a classically styled kitchen.

Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or just like a quick cup before work, a built-in coffee machine can add style and class to your kitchen, whatever style you have. A built-in coffee machine can be a sophisticated addition to a modern kitchen or give a contemporary feel to a classic design. Explore more ways you can use accessories and appliances to add character and a dynamic edge to your kitchen.