How to achieve your perfect Scandinavian
style kitchen

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Crisp, vast, snow-covered landscapes are the first things most people think of when they hear the word 'Scandinavia'. Its relentless winters are a powerful influence on in its world-renowned and highly sought after kitchen style.

However, Scandinavian kitchens don't have to be cold and bleak, they can be both homely and functional with a consistent theme complemented by interesting accents.

White as a colour scheme underpins Scandinavian design. Go for white cabinetry for a simple palette on which to base your kitchen, handles can be subtle or non-existent, with as much hidden storage as possible to leave an uncluttered, seamless look. Lighter wood worktops and a bold floor can complement the cabinets and make them shine particularly bright.

How to achieve your perfect Scandinavian style kitchen

With a heavy emphasis on the kitchen as a functional space, Scandinavian kitchens typically make room for a dining area for you to sit down and eat, however small.

Use this area to create warmth with colourful chairs, a light wood dining table or chairs, or interesting tableware for a clean yet lived-in feel. Pendant lighting can act as a central feature to the space, bathing the room in a welcoming ambience.

Despite a minimalistic look, Scandinavian style kitchens shouldn't be mistaken for labs. Feel free to display items you would use every day to add a personal accent, and use bold colour choices. Can't start the day without a cup of coffee? Fit mug hangers to the underside of your wall cabinets. Love to experiment in the kitchen? You can attach a magnetic knife rack or a utensil hanger to keep your kitchen tools on display.

How to achieve your perfect Scandinavian style kitchen

Alternatively, you can add a splash of colour with bold textiles. Interestingly-patterned tea towels and oven gloves on display can inexpensively add a personal touch to your kitchen, or you can put a statement rug under your dining table to frame the area and distinguish it from the rest of the room.

The key to achieving a Scandinavian kitchen is subtlety. Think a simple basis, topped off with a smorgasbord of little features to give your kitchen a pop of colour and individual points of interest. Keep it simple and you'll capture a light and airy, laid back look in no time.