Wren Handleless Cashmere Gloss Kitchen

Simple psychological principles can be applied to kitchen design to bring you the perfect homely space: colours are an essential visual stimulus that can trigger different emotions. A bold red, for example, can arouse a growing appetite and kick off a lively atmosphere — consider our Pacrylic Burgundy Gloss kitchen if you're after a statement scheme. Whereas a cool duck-egg blue will soothe, creating a serene and sophisticated ambience. Take a look at our Pacrylic Blue Quartz Gloss Kitchen for a prime example of creating a tranquil space.

Social butterfly

Contour Kitchen in Linen and Baltic Eggshell

Our surroundings have a dramatic impact on our well-being, so it is important to keep this in mind when planning a kitchen revamp. This area is not just for cooking, it is a place to gather and share stories in good company. Consider an island hob – this will allow you to socialise and remain connected to the atmosphere of the room while cooking; a key advantage for frequent entertainers! Linda Barker's Contour Kitchen in Linen and Baltic Eggshell captures this perfectly with the spacious island centrepiece; a crucial feature to allow social butterflies to maintain the attention of their guests while cooking up a delicious meal.


Contour Kitchen in Linen and Baltic Eggshell

What would be the use in having chosen your favourite kitchen design, paired with the perfect atmospheric colour scheme, if your lighting is overpowering or pitiful? A final, key component in creating your dream kitchen is to get the illumination right. Your kitchen hosts many scenarios on a daily basis, so flexibility is important when considering lighting options. Naturally well-lit kitchens tend to be more inviting and promote home-cooking; it becomes a more pleasant space to spend time. As the sun goes down however, a more ambient, softly-lit setting is desirable. We offer a comprehensive lighting guide to help you choose the right options for your design; whether that be under-cabinet strips to illuminate your worktops, or uplighters on your shelves to set the mood over dinner. Getting these details right will not only ensure you feel completely at home in your new kitchen, you will have the power to transform the atmosphere with the flick of a switch (or two!)

At Wren Kitchens it's easy to combine all these principles, allowing you the freedom to have not just a kitchen to cook in, but a domestic utopia which maintains well-being; welcome to The Nest.