Industrial kitchen designs to feature in your home

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When it comes to the style of your kitchen, you can choose from practically anything; rustic and traditional, hyper modern or fantastically futuristic: there’s nothing you can't have.

But sometimes sheer choice can mean you lose sight of the beauty of simplicity. Today's industrial style kitchens could be the perfect solution to your kitchen woes.

What is an industrial kitchen?

What is an industrial kitchen?

Industrial style kitchens use simple features with 'raw' styling to create a space that feels open and easy to navigate. They tend to incorporate big, boxy shapes like kitchen islands and chunky work surfaces, which are both useful and easy to maintain.

With a bit of a factory-inspired touch, industrial kitchens designs mix old and new elements to create a stripped-back atmosphere where cooking, socialising, and eating will feel effortless and relaxed.

Benefits of industrial kitchen designs

Stylish yet practical, the simplicity of an industrial style kitchen will bring you many benefits in your home.

They’re built to last

Firstly, industrial kitchens are durable and sturdy – you won't be looking to replace your units any time soon. Plus, the work surfaces are designed to easily deal with scratches, as well as general wear and tear.

For that reason, when cooking in an industrial kitchen, you are given the opportunity to enjoy the process of cooking – you don’t have to worry about marking or staining the surfaces, or burning them with a hot pan.

They’re built to last

They’re easy to clean

As a family, an industrial kitchen design could be the answer to all of your prayers. Being some of the easiest surfaces to clean, these kitchens are perfect for messy children at breakfast time. No need to worry about pesky food stains, coffee rings, or even ink marks from last minute changes to homework – the industrial kitchen has been designed for a busy family.

They’re easy to clean

They’re superior in style

As well as being practical, investing in an industrial style kitchen is stylish too. The modern and sleek look will be sure to impress neighbours and friends, as well as being perfect for entertaining. When you combine the practicalities of the space with its impressive look, you won't be surprised when you feel set to host the year's greatest dinner party! Not to mention how much a modern kitchen can revive an old and tired house. By bringing to life the heart of the home, the rest of your house will soon feel the benefits. A kitchen that is chic and sophisticated will encourage your progress and development through the rest of your house, and prompt you to create your perfect home.

They’re superior in style

You’ll have room to move

Finally, smart storage solutions are in abundance when it comes to industrial kitchens. If you're struggling to fit everything into a few small cupboards, then the large spaces offered by an industrial design will certainly help you create space and reduce clutter in your kitchen. It will help maximise your kitchen space through open cupboards and drawers, as well as the option to use sturdy wall hooks to hang utensils or pans.

You’ll have room to move

Industrial kitchen design ideas to embrace

Now that you’ve decided to invest in the industrial feel, take a look at how you can incorporate the trend in your kitchen – whether you want a total refit, or just an update.

Strip it back with open shelving

Open shelving is a classic component of industrial design, and makes it easy for you to access your essentials while, also displaying your favourite pieces.

Consider choosing an open shelving unit or fitting individual shelves across your walls – they’re perfect to display industrial style kitchen accessories. If you have a large kitchen, you can use upcycled furniture, such as a refurbished bookshelf, to add an antique touch.

Make use of pendant lighting

A staple of industrial design, kitchen pendant lighting works perfectly with the factory style the industrial look brings, and allows you to create dedicated kitchen lighting zones for cooking and dining.

Black pendant lights are a classic and versatile option, and they can be paired with cabinet lights and spotlights to create a layered lighting scheme across your layout.

Make use of pendant lighting

Embrace integrated appliances

Integrated dishwashers, hobs, and wine coolers create a sleek finish, in line with the fuss-free aesthetic of industrial design.

You can keep it simple and hide appliances behind cupboard doors, or embrace the bare bones style of industrial kitchen design and leave it all on show.

Make a statement with artwork

Industrial style kitchens tend to be fairly subtle in terms of the overall design, so you can spruce up your space by including a bold piece of statement art.

A bright print will look even sharper against the simple backdrop, and your industrial kitchen is the perfect place to show off a framed picture or sprawling piece of wall art. Alternatively, consider adding a chalkboard wall, which can look trendy and prove useful for making lists and reminders.

Layer shades of black and grey

Industrial kitchens tend to use dark colours to create a simple yet sophisticated look. To help open up the space, layer different tones across the room, and mix shades of black and grey to avoid creating a monotone scheme.

As dark kitchens can sometimes feel small, consider choosing a gloss finish on your industrial style kitchen units, flooring, or worktops; and add splashes of white or pale grey to encourage light to reflect around the room.

Splash a flash of colour

While industrial style kitchens traditionally use a simple, natural-looking colour scheme, you can inject a pop of colour to reflect your personality. Bold shades of yellow, red, and blue keep in line with the urban-inspired theme and look smart against a dark backdrop.

It's quick and easy to incorporate bright furniture or accessories into your layout. Alternatively, coloured tiles work well with a vintage-industrial theme, and bring a hint of fun energy to your design.

Make use of pendant lighting

Get playful with textures

In addition to mixing colours, industrial kitchens use different textures to create a factory-inspired atmosphere. Wood, stainless steel, and brick have a rustic effect and add depth and detail to an otherwise simple design.

Consider choosing stainless steel appliances or metallic accessories, and contrasting them against wooden worktops or flooring. Kitchens with existing brick walls benefit from a natural industrial feel, but you can also use wallpaper to recreate the style.

Durable, easy to clean, aesthetically pleasing and full of storage; an industrial kitchen is the real deal. Ideal for families with a busy schedule, as well as for young couples looking for a stylish and sleek finish to their kitchen. If you are considering bringing these industrial kitchen design ideas to life in your home, then book an appointment to visit your nearest showroom, or try our kitchen planner today.