How to design a yellow kitchen

Colour ideas

Brighten up the hub of your home all year round with glows of golden tones, mellow mustards or lively yellows.

Yellow kitchen décor seems an unlikely choice, however, it actually creates a bright and airy space. Yellow reflects freshness (lemons), joy and energy – the perfect shade to incorporate into your kitchen design whether it’s through accents, accessories, or cabinetry.

It comes in a wide range of beautiful hues from amber to muted cream and spicy saffron.

Sunny shades are a fantastic way to showcase your personality and create a focal feature in your kitchen through islands and dressers. It also benefits darker and smaller spaces by giving the illusion of a larger space through the creation of a glowing hue.

It’s a versatile look. Create a retro style kitchen with matt pina colada shades, a classical looker with porcelain hues, or a striking yellow space in a jolly bumblebee colour.

Looking for inspo? We’ve put together these ideas for you to ensure your kitchen space feels like Tuscany even during the darkest of days…

How to design a yellow kitchen

How to incorporate yellow in your kitchen

Yellow kitchen colour schemes to consider