Tall kitchen units: What are they, and how should you use them?

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Tall kitchen units provide handy storage and timeless style, making them a great choice for any kitchen design. Suitable for small and large kitchens alike, you can integrate them in a way that suits your layout and your lifestyle.

From corner larder units to oven tower units, we tell you everything you need to know about integrating tall kitchen units into your design, and how to choose the right ones for your kitchen.

What are kitchen tower units?

Tall kitchen units are long, vertical units that stretch from the floor towards the ceiling, allowing you to make the most of the space in your kitchen. They tend to have a tall, narrow design and are suitable for a variety of kitchen layouts.

Also known as full height kitchen cabinets, they offer plenty of benefits – great for storage, they can be fitted with shelving, drawers, and integrated appliances such as an oven or microwave, helping you to organise your essentials while maximising on space. The vertical design will make your room look taller, enhancing the overall atmosphere in your kitchen, making them particularly ideal as units for small kitchens.

Tall kitchen unit size: Which is right for me?

Tall kitchen units come in a range of different heights, widths, and depths, so you can choose a style that works for your layout. A unit that stretches all the way to the ceiling allows you to maximise on the high spaces in your kitchen, and can be a great option for rooms that have a low ceiling, as it can help to make the room appear taller.

For kitchens with a tall ceiling, the sky is the limit! Super tall cabinets can add a luxury touch to your scheme, especially when several are styled in a group along a single wall. Choosing slightly shorter units means you can store large pieces or ornaments on top, while still having everything within easy reach.

A wide tall unit with double doors can be used as a larder, providing a generous space to store dry foodstuffs, making it easy to organise and use your favourite items.

Small kitchens may benefit from a corner tower, which will fit easily into any corner and help to save space. Alternatively, a narrow unit with deep drawers or shelves will provide plenty of storage without overwhelming your layout.

If you're looking at remodelling your kitchen, our design experts can help you decide which size units will work best for your layout – book your free consultation to learn more.

Starting from 330mm deep and ranging up to 2250mm tall, our tower kitchen cabinets can incorporate a variety of cupboards or open shelves giving you all the storage space you need.

Tower unit storage: Drawers or shelves?

Tall kitchen units can be fitted with shelving or drawers, making it effortless to keep your space tidy. Integrated appliances can also be fitted – kitchen oven tower units are popular thanks to their sleek look and convenience, while a wine cooler or integrated microwave can add a high-end touch while maximising on space.

Whether you choose to have shelves, drawers, or a combination of options in your kitchen tower unit will depend on what you use it for.

If it's storage you need, shelves are perfect for stacking pots, pans, and dishes on, making it easy to reach for whatever you need when you're prepping or serving up a big meal.

For better access and organisation, pull-out shelving allows you to store things like your cooking essentials so you can see exactly what you've got, while offering a fuss-free way to quickly grab what you're looking for without having to rummage around.

Traditional drawers in your full height kitchen cabinets can offer the best of both worlds, providing storage for large items like mixing bowls or appliances while also being a great place to keep dry goods, such as cereal, potatoes, or tins.

Tower unit storage: Drawers or shelves?

Open, handleless, or traditional: Which style is best?

Tall kitchen units come in an endless array of styles, so you can find a piece that fits perfectly with the theme of your room. Handleless units offer a sleek, contemporary look, great for a modern kitchen – choose a matt finish and style two or three tall units side-by-side, for an all-encompassing storage solution that has a minimalist appeal.

Wooden, shaker-style units are great for kitchens that have a more traditional feel, like a country-cottage kitchen or a vintage-inspired space. Antique effect metal handles will add a touch of charm, while wooden doorknobs have a rustic appeal.

Exposed tall units are perfect for showing off your prized crockery or funky accessories, offering style and storage in equal parts. Line up your favourite wineglasses on one shelf and position a family photo or heirloom on the one above – open shelving gives you the chance to add personality to your space while still staying organised.

Tall kitchen units are great for small and large kitchens alike, providing essential storage in an efficient and stylish manner. Whether you choose an ultra-modern handleless unit to create a minimalist atmosphere, or opt for a wide, shaker-style unit and use it like a pantry, a tall kitchen unit is a perfect solution for your scheme. Visit your nearest showroom, or use our kitchen planner to check out our latest tower kitchen unit designs.