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Checking Delivery

Look over each item that has been delivered for your Wren Kitchen. If there is any noticeable damage to the packaging, open the pack and check if the item of furniture or component is damage free.


If the item is damaged please advise the driver. When you sign for the delivery please mention what item is damaged.

If any damage has occurred you have 48 hours from delivery to report this to Wren Customer Services on: 0345 127 7008

Checking Delivery

Using your invoice or delivery note, try to group your furniture into the following categories making sure that you know what is in each package - base cabinets, wall cabinets, tower cabinets, appliances, worktop, sinks & accessories.

If you have enough space, stack your grouped cabinets outside your empty kitchen. You can then fit each item without having to climb over anything.

At this stage leave the packaging on the furniture; only unwrap when you need each item. This will avoid damaging the pieces when they are moved around.