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How to Create An Office Space In Your Kitchen

Working from home kitchen ideas

It’s official – kitchens are the new home office. Flexible work stations are becoming a thing, and the kitchen or utility lends itself perfectly as they tend to have bags of storage, light and electrical points to create an ergonomic work-from-home space.  

No matter how much space you have, even if it’s a super small nook or corner, you can fit a dreamy office area in your kitchen.

If you are permanently working from home, it’s worth considering a bespoke dedicated area. Wren can expertly design a neat office space in any corner or kitchen area, that perfectly complements your kitchen aesthetic. And if you want to forget about work at the weekend, there’s even options to close it off with sliding doors that seamlessly fits in with the style of rest of your kitchen!

Don’t forget lighting is a detail that must be considered before positioning your very own setup. You should place the desk close to the window for natural light and for artificial lighting try under cabinet lighting.

Whether you want to design an everlasting homebased HQ in the kitchen or just set-up a small semi-permanent desk area, find inspiration from these different workstation set-ups and storage tips.

1. Go for a seamless style

More and more people want to achieve a unified, stylish look in their kitchen by incorporating an office area that matches their units and worktops. Wren’s expert designers can do just that by using the same stunning kitchen worktops for your desk and same-style units which can be integrated for example overhead or both sides of your desk area.

The most hardwearing desk material to choose from is Xena Quartz, as it’s scratch and stain resistant meaning those leaking pens and repetitive use of the mouse will do no harm over the years.

Deep drawers normally used for storing pans or kitchen units without shelving are ideal solutions for stowing larger items such as a printer or monitor. Wren can craft this faultless look by using the same colours and materials as your kitchen design, so your home office doesn’t look out of place!

Don’t forget to highlight the space with some artwork, add a pinboard and a comfy upholstered chair or stool.

2. Maximize unused areas

Tap into unused corners in your kitchen that have been neglected for far too long. Bring photographs of your current kitchen to your nearest Wren Kitchens showroom, and an expert designer would be happy to offer advise where your work area could be integrated.

It depends on the look you want to create, but designers could add a curved desk with open shelving to match your current kitchen design, or if you want it to stand-out then choose a popping colour; with Wren’s Spectrum colour range the opportunities are endless!

If you’re not too keen on adding an exclusive desk and chair, an extension of one of the kitchen worktops along with a bar stool will do just fine. Peninsula designs with a small overhang are the ideal solution to this. Just dedicate a drawer or kitchen unit nearby so you can hide away office memorabilia at the end of the day… and forget about work!

3. Hidden kitchen workstations

Another trending office theme for 2021 and beyond are hide-away workstations. We love this idea as it’s the fastest way to hide clutter when you have unexpected guests. Just close the doors and that’s it, no one will notice anything!

This office closet is a clever idea if you want to create that minimalistic, modern look and Wren’s expert designers can help you along the way. Designs can be formed with seamless floor to ceiling tower units with integrated feature shelving and secret pull-out desks and recently, Wren’s launched a dedicated corner office with a closing door so it looks just like a kitchen larder, but it’s not!

Of course, you need to take care of lighting here and add a pendant fixture or integrated LED spotlights. Don’t forget this same area can be multifunctional and can be used as a kitchen study zone for children or even turn it into a bar area at the weekend.

4. Super space saver

Any awkward space can become a mini office. Wren’s expert designers can work with you to create a bespoke work station in your kitchen or utility area, no matter how much space you have.

Something as simple as a suspended unit with a stool, a floating desk station with slimline units either side or for a less permanent solution, perch at the end of a peninsula style kitchen or even an island.

A stool or a comfy chair that can be tucked underneath out the way is a fantastic idea, along with colourful artwork and pinboards to make a feature out of it. Metal trolleys on wheels are also a great way to bring your work to wherever you’re seated in the kitchen, and you can hide it away in the utility or under the stairs.

5. Double up your dining table or kitchen island

If you’re limited on space, double up your dining table, or kitchen island, as a desk. This will provide you with the perfect practical solution.

Don’t forget you need the correct leg room to able to sit comfortably. Rule of thumb is that for a dining table you will need 40cm of leg room and for an island (at conventional worktop height) you will only need 25cm to 30cm of leg room.

Ensure that you have plenty of plug sockets nearby for charging your equipment. Wren offers a nifty pop-up charging station that is seamlessly integrated below your worktops so it can be neatly hidden whilst you’re not at work.

6. Smart storage options

If you’re looking to store your office items, then the best answer is to reorganise your current kitchen to make way for office tools and equipment. It only has to be small modifications such as dedicating a drawer or even a unit for items such as a printer or monitor. It’s an excuse to have a good clear-out and recycle or save worthy items for charity and throw out-of-date ingredients.

And for those small office supplies, you can surprisingly make use out of kitchen objects such as a spare cutlery insert or a muffin tray as a stationary organiser, a wine rack can be used for rolled-up paper storage and mason jars are perfect pen holders. Adding open-shelving with woven baskets and wooden crates are a great idea to hide all your office junk, as well as kitchen wall organisers with S-hooks to add extra wall storage.

If you have too much office stuff or are redesigning your kitchen with an integrated office, then Wren’s expert designers at a showroom near you can create a bespoke feature unit to hide away all those items and no one would ever know what’s behind closed doors.

Happy home-working at your new hot desk!

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