How to buy a kitchen

A look at the journey of buying a Wren kitchen, from ideas to reality with Linda Barker.

The steps to buying a kitchen...

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Linda Barker, Wren's Creative Director, explains what has led her to collaborate with Wren Kitchens as she introduces you to this family business and team, who have over 35 years' experience in manufacturing kitchens.

Get inspired, find your look

The first step is gathering your ideas and inspiration. Linda discusses how you can begin to visualise your kitchen before meeting a designer by creating a mood board, or simply starting to think about colours, shapes and objects that inspire you. Our designers want you to be completely involved throughout the whole process, so this is a great place to start.

The first visit to a showroom

Take a guided tour of one of the Wren Kitchen showrooms with Linda Barker. Along the way Linda shares her thoughts on why she loves visiting our showrooms, discussing our simple and honest displays and our fair pricing system, as she explains what you can expect from your first showroom visit.

Our product range

Linda takes a closer look at our kitchen collections as she guides you through the many features, styles and colours that we offer in our three exceptional ranges, helping you to decide which one is perfect for you.

Get a home measure

During this stage, Linda discusses the importance of having a home measure. Wren Kitchens pride themselves on their craftsmanship, so leaving anything to chance isn't an option. The free, no obligation, home measure service takes the pressure off you and ensures us that your dream kitchen will fit perfectly into the heart of your home.

See your design come to life

When planning your kitchen, revisiting a showroom gives you the opportunity to discuss, amend and develop ideas with your designer. Linda Barker discusses the significance of this step and explains the process, as well as our unique Spatial Awareness bays, which allow you to plan the layout of your kitchen in person.

Manufacturing to delivery

Linda discusses the quality and value that you can expert from a Wren kitchen. She explains how we have invested in our own production and manufacturing facilities, right here in the UK, so we can guarantee the continuous high standards of our kitchens.

Our installation service

During the penultimate stage of the kitchen fit, Linda Barker discusses the installation process and what to expect from Wren's approved fitters. When you buy a kitchen from Wren you'll rest easy as the quality of the installation is just as important as the quality of manufacturing.

Signing off your kitchen

The final stage of your Wren kitchen installation is the sign off with your designer. Linda discusses the peace of mind you can expect as your designer pays you one last home visit, to ensure you are completely satisfied with everything.