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The Ultimate Kitchen Color Guide

Whether you’re picking a shade of paint for a statement wall, or a complimentary palette for your cabinets and tiles, getting the color of your kitchen right is an essential step to making your kitchen space everything you want it to be.

Choose your cabinet designs and colors

Your kitchen cabinets take up a huge space in your kitchen – they’re a big part of your kitchen’s look and feel, and provide a foundation for the rest of the room.

The look, materials, and finish that you choose for your cabinets will do a lot to define your kitchen – for example, sleek and glossy black cabinet fronting is perfect for a modern kitchen, but for a more homey feel, you might want warmer shades that pair well with a rustic wooden countertop.

Consider your countertops and appliances

While lots of countertops come in neutral shades that pair well with all colors, it’s still important that there’s plenty of visual harmony between your walls or cabinets and your countertop.

If you’re dreaming of a dramatic black marble effect countertop, pairing it with warm walnut cabinets might not be the best fit. The countertop takes up a huge amount of space in your kitchen, and it’s one of the first things people will see when they walk in – so if you’re planning a bold color on your walls or cupboards, keep the countertops neutral.

Another thing to take into consideration is your appliances. If you have built-in appliances in a dark shade but you’ve got your heart set on a Scandinavian-inspired minimalist look, you might need to consider faux cabinet fronting.

One tip to bear in mind if you’re choosing new appliances: brushed steel pairs well with most color schemes without clashing or pulling focus away from where you want it.

Choose a color to tie it all together

It might sound obvious, but your kitchen walls play a huge role in tying the whole room together. They’re sometimes the last thing to be considered – it’s easy to get fixated on your cabinets, countertops, and shelving, since that’s where you’ll be likely spending more time and energy. But picking a kitchen wall color could make or break the room’s finish and feel, and will help you to pick accessories and accents to really pull everything into one cohesive look.

Choose a color that balances out well with all the other elements of your kitchen – if you’ve gone for bold feature cabinets or a center-of-attention statement countertop, maybe consider keeping your walls neutral. Or if you have a more subtle palette, add interest and bold style with a splash of vibrant color.

Neutral color schemes

A neutral kitchen color scheme creates an open and welcoming space – great for smaller kitchens or apartments where you might not have lots of natural light, as the bright shades will bounce light back into the room.

While it might be tempting to just pick white to keep things fully neutral, you don’t have to keep to the basics in order to create a light, airy, bright space. Pick a light gray that will give your kitchen a more contemporary look, and allow you to take your pick of accent shades to pull the room together.

In a traditional kind of kitchen, with plenty of homey touches – we’re thinking farmhouse sinks or lots of natural wood – pure white can look clinical, and sap some of the warmth and friendliness from your kitchen.

Instead, play up any naturalistic, rustic tones with warmer creams or beiges, or pick a milk-washed wood that’s still got plenty of color and texture.

Colorful kitchen palettes

While most kitchen color schemes tend towards the neutral, if you’re a little bit bolder, a bright color can really define a kitchen and make it the statement heart of your home. With a bright wash of bold blue on your cabinets or a pretty pastel pink wall behind white subway tiles, a bit of color can instantly make a kitchen feel playful or artistic.

Play with your accessories to create a cohesive look and feel – brushed black matt stools and straight lines will create a cool, industrial-chic look when paired with bold pops of yellow, or create a fresh and clean feel with spring-inspired greens.

If you’ve got a combined kitchen and dining room, consider warm colors like red, orange or yellow on your cabinets and walls – these shades have been proven to stimulate the appetite.

Your kitchen is the beating, bustling heart of your home, and color can make or break the room!

Whether you pick a neutral color scheme or a bold, bright look for your kitchen, you’ll have a huge range of choice with a Wren kitchen, and our kitchen experts will be there to help every step of the way.

Find out more and book your initial appointment., or for more style inspiration, head on over to our blog.

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