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Eight Ways to Bring Feng Shui into the Kitchen

Improve the quality of your life by creating a kitchen that embodies Feng Shui.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, Feng Shui is an ancient practice becoming increasingly popular in interior design – and for a good reason! It offers a way of harmonizing energy to assure good health and well-being and lends itself perfectly to the kitchen. 

Minimalist yet welcoming, it blends calming colors, many textures, and natural materials. This trend is standing the test of time, so Wren’s design experts have revealed how you can bring balance and comfort into your kitchen…

1: Soft, Natural Tones

Choosing the right color for your cabinetry has never been so important.

Natural, airy hues such as warm white, soft cream, light gray and olive green are all colors that soothe and sustain. Wren’s Elements color collection, such as Harvest Oak, Gray Oak and Limed Oak, takes inspiration from nature and offers a warm, textured look with a premium twist.

By sticking to a natural color palette on your walls and cabinets, you will be sure to bring Feng Shui to the kitchen.

2: Form and Functionality

At the heart of Feng Shui is the feeling of good energy, which is why a logical flow to the kitchen is key. Simplicity is inherently calming, so it makes sense to reflect this with your choice of cabinets.

Kitchen ranges such as Wren’s Infinity Plus Shaker is a timeless choice that will always remain popular, thanks to the simple beauty of the design. Create a harmonious atmosphere and an open space with shades of soft calming colors.

Equally, kitchen ranges such as Wren’s Infinity Plus Milano splashed in a Satin finish creates a sleek and elegant design, providing a tranquil space.

3: Smart Storage

Ensure your kitchen is well-maintained, regularly cleaned, and stocked to promote good chi. Wren’s expert designers reveal that clever storage is a recipe for an efficient kitchen that always looks and feels good.

Wren’s Apollo Space offers infinite ways to organize your kitchen so you can pack your pots, pans and crockery away but have it all within easy reach. Magic corners and carousels for example make every inch of your cupboard accessible, as well as 4-drawer towers cabinets. Apollo works with lots of different types of cabinets and sizes.

4: Perfect Countertops

Your kitchen countertop is the centerpiece of your kitchen, influencing your style choice for every other fitting you’ll be buying. It should therefore reflect a harmonious quality.

Cool classy Xena Quartz creates a sophisticated finish and works well with soft, subtle-colored cabinetry. Made with combining natural stone with a resin, Xena Quartz countertops look and feel like granite with more consistent colors and patterns.

Alternatively, a solid Timber countertop such as Oak or Walnut will bring great warmth to your kitchen.

5: Magic of Metals

Drawing on the principles of Feng Shui, metal is said to promote clear-thinking, calmness and enhance your productivity.

Although they are small, handles significantly impact the finished look of your kitchen and are a great way to introduce metal accents. Show off elegant, framed Shaker frontals with a simple knob or cup handle.

Another great way to incorporate metal elements is with a beautiful, mirrored backsplash. Wren’s Tekglass is a practical yet stylish splashback solution. Not only does it look sleek, but it’s highly durable for the busiest of households. It’s available in six colors and three finishes to create an eye-catching component for your kitchen.

6: Light it Up

Lighting helps create ambiance and atmosphere and is essential to avoid bad chi. 

Besides its primary function, lighting can make your kitchen space look and feel bigger, significantly impacting the impression of your room size. A light, airy space is key for bringing Feng Shui into a space.

As well as natural light, think about enhancing the space with layered lighting. From subtle and soft plinth lighting to singular bright spotlights, here at Wren, we have a vast array of lighting choices to bring your kitchen to life.

7: Grow your Garden

Embrace nature by growing your own herb garden! Not only is this a fun way to add a lush splash of color and soften sharp lines, but it instills a positive essence.

Growing herbs in your kitchen will provide a year-round crop of useful leaves, while having the potential to transform any meal. Plus, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of a home-cooked dish – especially if it’s fresh and healthy.

However, if the thought of growing your own herbs is a bit too much, you can purchase a house plant (or plants!) instead. Plants have an instant calming effect and can purify the air and reduce indoor pollutants.

8: Accessorize with Texture

It can be easy for the esthetics to be overlooked, but by focusing on the little things, such as charming kitchen accessories, you can bring your whole room together.

Neutral cabinets work brilliantly well with lots of natural wood, such as your tables and chairs. Textures like linens for tea towels and ceramics for crockery will keep the soft, natural look you are trying to achieve.

A vase of fresh flowers is a lovely way to complete any interior space. They bring a simple and natural feel to the room and can add life and light to your kitchen space.

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