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How to Get the Natural Look

Take inspiration from nature and use earthy color palettes to create soulful spaces that soothe and sustain.

The Natural Look effortlessly enhances the kitchen space as it blends the smooth, modern lines of Scandinavian design with elegance and a warm welcome from natural materials. It’s a timeless trend that will always remain. Discover how you can take these influences and recreate your own showstopping space…

Kitchen Design: Keep it Natural

Create a serene environment in your kitchen space by sticking to a neutral color palette on your walls, cabinets and flooring. Light, airy hues such as white, brown, gray, beige and taupe all have calming qualities.

Kitchen ranges such as our Infinity Plus Milano is a sleek and elegant design with the option of a metallic profile for that added glamor. To bring a touch of the outside indoors, be sure to incorporate natural-style materials from Wren’s Elements colour collection. This offers a warm, textured look with a premium twist, especially when the two textures come together.

Countertops: Beautiful, Bespoke Quartz

Textures and tones derived from nature are key to creating a natural look for your kitchen.

Xena Quartz countertops are made by combining natural stone with resin. They are available in various colors and patterns, from modern sparkling whites to deep moody blacks. Our striking Bellagio countertop is the perfect option to style up a natural space with its exaggerated veining.

You can even feature this stone as a backsplash to add to the modernist clean vibes.

Accessories: Style it Up

When talking about the natural look, accessories such as lush green plants, concrete-style crockery and glass jars come to mind. If you have neutral cabinets, pair them with lots of natural wood, such as natural tables and chairs. Add extra cozy warmth with organic linen, wool cushions and a seagrass rug.

Appliances: Food for Thought

When it comes to appliances, keep them cool and classy. Integrated appliances also work exceptionally well in a modern space with a minimalist esthetic, where you can embed your appliances into your cabinets to maintain a sleek design.

In a contemporary kitchen, as less is often more, swap out your kettle for a speciality hot water tap – saving space and water!

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