Styling an Easter Kitchen

It’s hard to celebrate a holiday without being tempted to decorate your home. With Easter fast approaching, there’s no better excuse to get the decor out and incorporate accents of pretty pastels, adorable animals, and fresh foliage into your interiors and create the perfect Easter kitchen.

If you’re hosting at Easter, your kitchen will likely be a hive of activity. Why not add seasonal décor to your countertops, table, breakfast bar, island, or shelving, and create a whimsical backdrop for your Easter celebrations? From fresh colours and blossoming blooms to pastel palettes and wooden accents, we’re sharing our top tips for styling your kitchen this Easter!

Embrace the botanicals


Flowers play an important role in many seasonal holidays, especially Easter. They’re a living reminder that Spring has sprung and symbolise rebirth and resurrection, perhaps Easter’s two most important themes.
Whether you want to create an Easter tablescape with vases full of Easter bouquets or you want to incorporate flowers into other areas of décor, here are the top Flowers to display at Easter.

  • Daffodils – Possibly the most recognisable Easter flower, the bright yellow hue of Daffodils symbolises sunshine and evokes feelings of joy.
  • Tulips – Brightly colored or soft pastel-toned, Tulips represent love and life and are beautiful blooms to add to your Easter décor.
  • Lilies – With their ancient links to the resurrection, the White lily is perhaps the most traditional Easter flower.
  • Gypsophila – A popular choice for wedding bouquets, Gypsophila symbolises everlasting love and innocence. Known as Baby’s breath, it’s a beautiful flower often found in bouquets but bunch it together on its own, and it produces a dainty little table piece.

Whilst houseplants are present all year round, their growth gets kickstarted again in Easter, and new shoots start to grow. Nothing is more in the spirit of Easter than bringing new life into your home, and houseplants do just that. Scatter them throughout your kitchen, focusing primarily on areas with lots of natural light, and watch them grow throughout the year. The fresh greenery doesn’t just look good; it makes us feel good too. House plants are known to purify the air and boost our mood whilst adding life to sterile spaces.

Adorable Animals

What comes to mind when you think of Easter? The smell of chocolate eggs? Your big Easter dinner? Easter is about revival and new beginnings, so for many of us, Easter draws our attention to the birth of small furry creatures.

You can incorporate animals into your décor scheme in lots of creative ways. From bunny ornaments to decorated pottery, subtle nods to the creatures of the season are a heart-warming addition to the home.

Pastel Colours


There’s more to the soft pastel palettes that we associate with Easter and Spring than you may think. The colors have a deeper meaning and were used to highlight historical, meaningful moments throughout time. For example, white represents light, purity and innocence and is present in all religious depictions of Easter. White can be incorporated into your Easter décor with the addition of white Easter lilies, crisp linen tablecloths and beautiful white ceramics.


Green is another color that is used in religious ceremonies around Easter time. Still, it’s also a popular Springtime shade that evokes images of freshly cut grass and the revival of Spring blooms. This color can be easily resurrected in your home using fresh foliage, faux grass or even an easter wreath!


Pink is known to represent love and joy, and is worn during Lent’s religious celebrations. Despite its cultural significance, pink is also just a pretty pastel hue that goes hand in hand with Easter décor. Decorate your home with soft pink tulips, adorn your table with a pale pink runner or add a touch of pink to your tableware to include the colour in your Easter interiors.


Whether chocolate, made from a chicken or ceramic, eggs are synonymous with Easter, so why not incorporate them into your décor scheme?

Displaying your eggs in a stylish egg basket creates a farmhouse feel in your kitchen, a desirable interior trend that feels ever-present during Springtime. If you’re hosting an Easter brunch, include your fresh eggs in your tablescape before cooking them! Filling a stylish trinket tray or serving dish with small chocolate eggs produces a cute table filler that looks as sweet as it tastes!

Tabletop Treats

Nothing quite says Easter like a fresh stack of hot cross buns. Instead of hiding them in the pantry until serving, incorporate them into the table décor and display them in a rustic wicker basket for a country kitchen feel. Fresh produce and baked goods are at the heart of Easter, and laying them across your Easter table creates a ‘help yourself’ atmosphere perfect for a family brunch. Provide a café-like experience and cluster together a selection of artisanal jams and spreads. They’re not only delicious but help to fill empty spaces within your Easter table.

Give your puddings time to shine and present them on a beautiful cake stand or serving platter. Make them the centre of attention by displaying them in style. Opt for a chic glass cloche for a subtle, minimalist aesthetic, or go rustic with a wicker tray adorned with fresh flowers to serve up your star dessert.

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