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How to Incorporate a Cook’s Pantry in Your Kitchen

What’s the secret behind a picture-perfect kitchen? It’s what lies behind the scenes! And you can achieve your very own spotless space by adding a cook’s pantry.

A cook’s pantry or chef’s larder is fast becoming one of the most desired features in the home, and here at Wren Kitchens we’ve recently launched a dreamy larder unit that has a choice of bespoke internal colours and elements to choose from.

This clutter buster is a family’s godsend, a chef’s best friend, and an entertainer’s dream. It can be used to prepare food, store appliances and ingredients, and best of all, it can hide all the mess especially when you’re mid-flow of a dinner party!

With so many possibilities in terms of storage, design and organisation, we thought we’d share some fundamental rules to help you make the most of this highly functional feature…

Designed to suit your lifestyle

This space has to serve multiple functions and work efficiently to suit your lifestyle – you should think about its everyday uses. It has to be practical yet pretty and most of all multifunctional.

Whether you want a space to keep appliances, hoard refillable jars, store fresh ingredients, or simply hide the mess that often clutters the kitchen.

Our cook’s pantry is affordable yet luxurious and can be designed to fit into your kitchen space seamlessly. With spice racks, drawers and shelving, the possibilities are endless to create a bespoke look.

There’s a choice of 16 internal feature unit colours such as traditional Harvest Oak or glamorous Metallic Gold, so you can create the wow-factor inside your cook’s pantry. For the shelving, you could match your own kitchen space with a choice of Luxury Laminate or Xena Quartz.

Here are some internal colour options:

Effective storage

To maximise available space, different heights of shelving should be used to allow easy access to both smaller and more bulky items. Shallow shelves are perfect for spices and cereal, while spacious shelving is a good option for holding larger jars or small appliances.

Floating spice racks or shelving on larder doors is an intelligent storage solution that maximises space – they’re ideal for smaller condiments so they’re ready to use at a moment’s notice.

This simple storage solution can free up drawers and worktop space elsewhere in the kitchen.

Find the perfect spot

A cook’s pantry is super versatile as it has so much accessible space when it comes to food storage, therefore locating it near to your fridge and cooker is ideal so you don’t have far to travel between each point.

A well positioned pantry should also be near some worktop space such as an island, peninsula or table so you can unpack shopping easily with all your heavy tins and jars.

Don’t forget, it’s a tower unit so it makes sense to add it to your run of taller units to create a streamlined look – any expert designer can help you find the perfect spot and bring order to your space!

A blend of form and function

Can a cook’s pantry be beautiful and functional? Here at Wren we’re confident it can be both.

Our designs are expertly manufactured and made from hardwearing materials, ensuring each pantry meets the demands of modern living.

Not only are they multi-functional, but they can also be configured and finished in an array of beautiful materials that fits with the overall look and feel of your kitchen.

It’s an organisational haven with spice racks, shelving, internal drawers, and drinks storage for both keen cooks and neatness enthusiasts.

Not only does this feature unit help keep the wider kitchen neat and tidy, but it adds ergonomic ease to your cooking experience with the ability to store readily at hand ingredients in one place.

Check out how you can style your pantry:

Organisation is key

Create designated areas within your pantry so you can efficiently organise items. You can group similar items together in the easy-to-reach middle section of your pantry. For example, if you’re using it as a coffee area add your coffee machine, beans and barista equipment in one spot.

Decanting everyday dried goods such as flour, pulses and pasta into airtight jars is a great option to create a uniform look. Don’t forget to label everything- you can do this with a simple label maker to create your own. It may seem like a painful task at first, but in the long run it will make your life easier when it comes to grabbing the ingredients you need.

So what are you waiting for? Speak to an expert designer to add this must-have storage solution to your kitchen space and you’ll be wondering how you’ve ever lived before without it!

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