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Our Top 5 Design Tips For Smaller Bedrooms

Smaller bedrooms may seem awkward to make the most of, but with the right furniture and styling, they can fit to your needs perfectly – and beautifully.

We’ve put together our favourite design tips to help you make the most of your bedroom. There really is no need to compromise on style or functionality when it comes to designing for a smaller space.

1. Let the light in

Utilise as much natural light as you can, and make use of mirrors to reflect light around the room – this will help to give the illusion of a larger space.

If your room isn’t blessed with a large window, the use of good lighting can be used to make a statement and completely transform your room’s appearance from dark and cramped to bright and open.

2. Get smart with storage

Reorganise every part of your bedroom by utilising storage options such as Ottoman beds, floating shelving and pull out baskets to keep your surfaces clean and clear, making your room feel less full and cluttered.

Explore our innovative storage solutions such as top boxes and open shelving for shoes and hats, and accessory trays for belts, bags and jewellery, making your storage as handy and practical as it is aesthetically pleasing.

3. Maximise the space

In smaller bedrooms, it’s vital to maximise floor space as much as possible. Fitted bedroom furniture will help to make the most of of every inch of your bedroom compared to larger, bulkier free-standing units.

Consider placing your bed against the longest wall in your room to open up your space and allow for more freedom in styling.

4. Minimalist design

Sliding wardrobes provide a sleek, minimalist finish and help to provide extra space, providing greater visual expansion for a sense of calm and serenity.

If you are looking for more a maximalist style, try to plan as much up front as you can, and strike a balance by selecting meaningful pieces and curating as you go to avoid your space feeling too cluttered or overcrowded.

5. Light and bright colours

Opting for a fresh and airy colour scheme will prevent your space becoming too chaotic or overwhelming.

Choosing a focal point that will draw the eyes such as a feature painted wall will add depth and give your room a more dynamic look.  

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