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Top 10: Unique Storage Solutions in the Kitchen

1. Ditch the Mug Tree

Deep drawers for mugs

Open up your worktop space and store all your mugs in one deep drawer near to your kettle. Our customer here is a real mug collector, so Wren’s designer tailored her passion of mugs into a deep drawer storage solution. But whatever you are fond of, Wren’s expert design knowledge will enable you to hide away or showcase anything to perfection!

2. Perfect Pet Storage 

Country ermine kitchen with integrated pet storage

Looking to create a special pet area for your pooch or feline friend in the kitchen? Well believe it or not, Wren has thought of everything and has designed a special pet bed area with a difference. It has a large integrated drawer and open overhead storage to fit all your bowls, treats and pet paraphernalia – pawsome idea!

3. Outside the Box Wall Storage

Ladder storage in a Wren kitchen

Looking for a unique and inexpensive way to create wall storage? Why not consider a wooden ladder – it’s the perfect solution to display easy to reach cookbooks. Make sure you sand it smooth and treat it with interior wood paint – clear or any colour you desire.

4. Go High

Wrenovation with fridge freezer and oven overhead storage

To maximise your kitchen area, go high and store those items you use less such as special plates, pots and pans as well as teapots. Our customer here has integrated storage above the American fridge freezer as well as trinkets on the shelf above the range cooker – a clever way to open up worktop and cupboard space. 

5. Feast your Eyes Wine Lovers!

Milano contour kitchen with unique wall storage for wine

Here at Wren we have tonnes of slick wine storage solutions from various freestanding or integrated wine coolers, to end of island or overhead integrated designs. However, we love the look of this exceptional wooden wine wall that our customer had installed – it makes a real feature of the wall space and completes their unique kitchen design!

6. Slimline Larder

Handleless white gloss kitchen with a slimline larder

Always daydreaming of the perfect larder in your kitchen but you have a smaller space to play with? Do not fear, we have a solution for you! Our skinny pull-out tower larders are perfect to squeeze into the smallest of spaces and they’re perfect to store practically anything from grains to cans and table sauces.

7. Perfect Plate Storage

For a traditional look, an overhead plate rack not only looks stunning but it’s practical too to make more room in your cupboards. Tailored to your exact requirements, these plate racks make a real statement, especially when left stripped back and combined with a farmhouse Belfast sink.

8. Integrated Feature Shelving

Shaker ermine kitchen with integrated shelving

Make the most of every nook and cranny of your kitchen design by integrating feature shelving between your tower units. They create a collective and calm sense about the design as every single cookbook or nick-knack is housed orderly, rather than sporadically across your windowsills!

9. Secret Island Joys

Wren contour kitchen island with secret magazine storage

Your secret is safe with us, as no one will ever know that all your magazines and placemats are hidden in this neat little storage idea! This secret island storage is such a clever idea and it just goes to show that literally every single inch of space is utilised to ensure you can make the most of your dream kitchen. 

10. Cleaners Heaven

If you’re part of the Hinching world, I’m sure this is every cleaning enthusiasts dream – right?! This super smart pull-out cupboard ensures that every single item is at hands reach and has its perfect place. Organised and nifty, this pull-out storage means you have no excuse to get cleaning right away!

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