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How to Get the Dramatic Look

Set the stage to make a big statement with bold and theatrical details against moody backdrops of color.

Discover how you can take these influences and recreate your own showstopping space…

Kitchen Design: Moody and Marvelous

For many years, light-colored kitchens have been a popular choice. These days we are seeing a move to the dark side with dramatic colored cabinetry to create a sleek and sophisticated look.

If you’re going to embrace moody hues, the key is to layer different tones across the room and mix shades of black and gray to create a monotone scheme.

Kitchen ranges such as our Infinity Plus Milano is a sleek and elegant design with the option of a profile for a lavish and modern finish. For example, Ultra in stand-out Nero evokes a luxe look and feel. 

Alternatively, you can showcase how a traditional kitchen can be completely reimaged with the use of a moody, bold color palette, such as a Framed in Charcoal.

Countertops: Cool Contrast

From gorgeous granite, stylish quartz, luxury laminate or a butcher block, choose a countertop which gives your cabinets that “wow factor”!

Cool, classy Xena Quartz countertops create a sophisticated finish and work well with any kitchen design. We have a choice of 30 dramatic colors and effects – from modern sparkling whites such as Fairy White to deep moody blacks like Midnight Majesty.

To add a great touch of warmth to your kitchen, a thick butcher block will make a homely, rustic esthetic. Available in Oak or Walnut, each will provide a beautiful contrast.

To create a kitchen with a difference, introduce contrasting textures and tones through layers. A freestanding island with a stunning countertop will become the centerpiece of the kitchen, especially when framing dark colored units.

Accessories: Go for Drama

Dark and dramatic colors will go with almost anything, you just have to consider your space and make sure everything fuzes together.

Accents of gold will completely transform the way your kitchen looks. Glistening gold hardware can add a modern edge to a traditional Shaker style or bring a sparkle to a slab frontal. If you’ve opted for a handleless kitchen, why not choose a gold faucet?! Your faucet is one of the most-used elements of your kitchen, so practicality is as important as looks.

Appliances: Back to Black

When talking about the dramatic look, you want to choose matching black appliances – so you can show off the hardest working parts of your kitchen. 

Integrated dishwashers, hobs, ovens and beverage centers create a sleek finish, in line with a dramatic run of dark cabinets. At Wren, we stock a huge range of kitchen appliances from the biggest brands – and for every budget.

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