2021 Kitchen Colour Trends

Say hello to the hottest kitchen colour trends for 2021!

It’s all about keeping walls neutral and cabinets colourful. Think emerald greens, warm woods, unique metals and inky blues. These playful and powerful colours we’re talking about don’t have to be splashed on all your cabinetry; create a popping sensation by colouring an island or a dresser and combine it with toned down cabinetry such as off-whites and greys.

Read on to discover how to colour an on-trend instaworthy kitchen space…

Statement greens

Green is fast becoming the most popular choice for kitchen cabinets. We are seeing a broad range of tone options from deeper forest shades to warm olives and light mints.

Darker shades look great when contrasted with white quartz worktops and brass accessories. Softer shades work really well with warmer woods or amongst a more playful pastel colour scheme.

Moody blues

Classic blue was the colour of the year for 2020 and it is still a very popular kitchen option.

This year we are seeing blue colour options a little more moodier with a focus on inky navy tones, deep teal colours and midnight blues.

Similar to the green options, these work beautifully with a strong contrast of icy white quartz worktops and brass hardware.

Remember, you can tone down this strong colour by paring it back with a lighter colours such as greys and off-whites.

Milano Contour Spectrum

Dramatic metals

Taking inspiration from nature, weathered metal colours and textures are more versatile than you think and Wren has an array to choose from in its Elements range.

Dimensional colours like these offer a true designer look. They naturally lend themselves to an industrial environment, however they look equally as stunning in a more luxury design casting drama over the sapce.

This scheme can provide a statement when creating a feature island in gold, or amber or even as a backdrop if you are using a bank of units in silver or slate finishes.

Pair this look with steel framed units for an industrial style or a gleaming metallic profile to create a sophisticated, social space.

Milano Elements & Contour

Warm woods

Woods were considered traditional but recently we have seen a real revival. It’s fast becoming one of the most dynamic and on-trend kitchen colours.

These wood tones are generally less fussy and are minimal, handleless and are warmer in tone. There is more of a focus on natural materials with plenty of grain and variation.

Accessorise with striking black or metallic fittings such as copper and distinctive pendant lighting to suit your style.

This is becoming one of the most popular kitchen colours.

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