How to use wooden features in your kitchen

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Wooden features are the finish of choice for anyone looking to create a warm kitchen environment. Though wood is certainly a staple of traditional kitchen designs, the material is so diverse it can be paired with complementing marble and steel, to create a modern finish to suit any kitchen.

Available in a diverse range of colours and tones, wood can be integrated almost anywhere in the kitchen, from the worktops to the cupboards, and designs include traditional shaker, modern matt or gloss, and even light Scandinavian-inspired style.

Whether you're looking to create a completely traditional and homely kitchen with a range of wooden features, or to simply accentuate certain elements of your kitchen with touches of wood, read our guide to get inspired!



Flooring is a subtle but key feature you can update to create an earthy look in your kitchen, with various shades available to create different finishes. Dark walnut, for example, is great to accentuate lighter units and cupboards, whilst beech can make the room feel large, bright and airy.

Real wood flooring complements almost any kitchen design, from the very traditional to the ultra-modern, providing a luxury finish.

Wood-style laminate flooring is an excellent option for those with a busy kitchen; the material is highly durable and easy to clean – and is a much more cost-efficient option for those looking for an affordable alternative to real wood.


Cupboards and units

The bulk of any kitchen is made up of cupboards and units, as well as kitchen islands. Using wood as a finish creates a cosy, welcoming environment, perfect for relaxing, or entertaining family and friends.

Light or antique oak can be the shade of choice for those looking to create a country or farmhouse inspired kitchen. For a more contemporary look, alabaster and sage timber bring the warmth of wood while providing a much lighter, modern and airy finish.

To balance against the soft effect of wood, granite worktops can make a wood-finish kitchen look wholly modern, whilst quartz can also add a touch of gloss to the room.

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Cupboards and units


Wooden worktops are a fantastic option for a busy kitchen, as the durable material only gets better with age. The entire kitchen can be covered in a uniform material, or individual wooden worktops can be installed amongst other worktops to create dedicated cooking and preparation spaces.

Beech and European walnut, as lighter shades, can add a subtle finish to the kitchen. These are an excellent option for smaller kitchens, as they can brighten up the space. Teamed with alabaster cupboards, they can make a small kitchen appear much larger than it actually is.

The darker American walnut can create a sophisticated atmosphere, which balances well against coloured counters, such as sage. These tones work particularly well in kitchens that receive lots of natural light, as the darker tones appear vivid in the sunlight.

Oak, iroko and general walnut are solid choices for creating a traditional finish, ideal for those looking to create a farmhouse style kitchen. These work well both in uniform across the entire kitchen, or as a central workstation on a kitchen island.



Wooden accessories can be added to any kitchen to create a striking aesthetic. Wooden dining tables are one of the strongest pieces that can be added to any kitchen or dining space and can be accessorised to suit both formal and more relaxed occasions.

Meanwhile, smaller accessories such as wooden chopping boards and knife blocks give a professional finish to the kitchen – ideal for any aspiring chef. Wooden storage solutions, such as baskets and utensil holders, are a great choice for those looking to create a rustic, country-house kitchen feel, particularly those which appear to be 'up-cycled' from vintage crates and cartons.

Wood is such a diverse material that it can be used in almost any kitchen design. Whether you're a lover of modern amenities or prefer to keep things traditional, adding wooden features to your kitchen is easy and can be applied to kitchens of all sizes.

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