Six Ways to Add Color to a White Kitchen

Add personality to your space from accessories to a backsplash.

If you’re dreaming of a neutral kitchen then it’s always going to be a winner, as creams and whites are colors that will never go out of fashion.

However, it’s important to take on board these clever tips to ensure you don’t run the risk of an uninspiring or reserved design.

A small splash of color, be it warm touches of natural materials or bold pops of appliances, are simple ways to elevate your kitchen and add personality.

1. Add warm textures and tones

Incorporating a warm natural tone such as Harvest Oak from our Elements range instantly lifts the space to create a cozy feeling.

Combine this earthy tone with white surfaces to create a Scandi indoor-outdoor vibe.

Top-tip: Glossy white cabinets make any kitchen look modern and fresh.

2. Pops of colorful pastel accessories

Feminine colors such as pastels will instantly soften the space.

Accessorize with pops throughout by adding colorful soft furnishings, bar stools and lighting. You could even take it as far as a colorful backsplash.

Top-tip: Pick pastels that evoke a retro feel such as blush pinks and spearmint greens to stay on-trend.

3. Go for luxe with contrasting statement countertops

Create the wow factor with a Xena Quartz countertop in a dramatic contrasting colour.

This creates a real luxe look and accelerates the feel of your design from zero to hero! Go for a real marbled deep and dark color such as this Sparkling Black design.

Top-tip: Add a quartz backsplash or waterfall island design to create a sophisticated space.

4. Opt for a patterned floor to add personality

Add personality and fun with flooring to bring your design together.

Rather than tiles, vinyl is a more affordable option where you will see some playful patterns and fun designs on the market. Plus, you could swop your floor for a different design every few years for a different feel!

Top-tip: For smaller spaces, ensure the pattern runs diagonally to create the illusion of an elongated space.

5. Break up the white with metallic accents

Frame your white cabinets by adding a metallic profile such as this Milano Ultra design.

By adding a glow of luxe metallic accents, it will create a glamorous feel that’s still minimal yet has bags of personality.

Don’t overkill the look by adding too many metallic accents. To soften it up, add a timber dining table.

Top tip: Add lighting underneath your countertops to ensure your precious metallic accents glow!

6. Highlight your feature cabinets

Create a playful design by incorporating a pop of color on bespoke feature pieces in your kitchen such as an island or a dresser like this bespoke Wren design.

Or why not opt for a two-tone combination by coloring your lower cabinets and keeping your wall cabinets neutral.

Top-tip: If colour isn’t your thing, then opt for different neutral shades such as Pebble Gray or Taupe married with white.

So, what are you waiting for… get splashing that color to bring your space to life and to enhance your dream kitchen space!

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