Five Top Summer Trends for Your Kitchen

It’s official: the best season of the year is upon us! With long, light nights and warm sunshine ahead, now couldn’t be a better time to give your kitchen an upgrade. Take a look at these five trends that are taking over homes all over the country this summer; and give your kitchen the makeover it deserves.

Take Inspiration From Nature

Embracing nature in the kitchen has many benefits, including its ability to help merge kitchens seamlessly with other living areas. Wood and wood effect units provide harmonious elements; as do timber countertops, backsplash and open shelves topped with planters.

Green kitchen units are definitely having an “in” moment, but they look even more chic when combined with multiple textures – think reclaimed wood with glossy granites, for that perfect combination of raw and smooth. If you love the idea of bringing the outdoors in, then take a look at our guide on creating a nature-inspired kitchen.

Create a Flextension Kitchen

Now more than ever, as a nation we’ve come to understand the importance of creating flexible living spaces. And while at the moment, that might mean doubling up the dining room table as a desk; the flextension kitchen will soon come in handy when family and friends are allowed to come round and visit once again!

Think integrated seating areas, extended breakfast bars and clever storage solutions that you can use as and when needed; whether you’re dining alone, socializing with friends, or preparing several separate meals.

Incorporate Surprising Surfaces

Add some drama to your kitchen by installing statement kitchen countertops. From laminate, to quartz and granite countertops; to metallic or patterned backsplashes, and concreate-effect units and floors; it’s time to inject your own personal style into your kitchen. Intriguing colors and materials are always a great talking point when you have family and friends over!

Stone and metal – whether it’s real or replicated – are currently the most popular elements; but this summer, it’s all about letting your kitchen décor reflect your personality.

Take Two Chic Shades

Duotone kitchens are most definitely having a comeback this summer, and you don’t have to include white as one of those colors if you don’t want to!

Blacks and grays add a contemporary backdrop to your kitchen, but you can incorporate any colors you want. Pair pale pink with pastel blue to create a fun and boutique-chic style kitchen, or sage green and cream for a farmhouse feel.

You could even pair different shades of the same color for a more subtle effect, or if you’re unsure whether you want to commit to two different colors in the long term. Rest assured, whether you want your kitchen to be bold and bright, or soothing and serene; there’s the perfect color combination out there for you.

Embrace your Double Island Dreams

For twice the style, embrace your kitchen dreams with a double island. Choose ultra-wide kitchen islands to use one side for preparing meals, and the other for dining.

Alternatively, double-length islands might fit your kitchen – and your lifestyle – better, enabling you to create a workstation with tonnes of storage; whilst providing you with a focal point in your new flexible living space.

For more kitchen tips and tricks, head on over to our blog; or check out our design guides for style inspiration. Alternatively, if you’d like to create your very own dream kitchen, book an appointment to visit one of our showrooms.

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