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Double Kitchen Island Trend

It’s no secret that social media is the ultimate hub to discover the latest trends – from insta-worthy food to home décor and design, there’s a section on there for everything. In terms of what’s trending in the world of kitchens, a quick search and scroll will tell you that the double kitchen island is the next big thing.

Now, although this trend sounds luxurious and bespoke, a smart kitchen layout and configuration means that this dreamy design can become a reality in your home.

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Double the island, double the space

No matter how large your kitchen is, you can never have enough storage. With a double island, you’ll have twice the amount of storage and counter space as well as more room for appliances too.

With two different kitchen islands, you can also create two separate spaces. The first island can serve for a functional role, such as a food prepping station to make cooking a streamlined process and the second island can be a focal point for the family to sit back, relax and eat.

Double island designs

There are four main fabulous designs to use as inspiration for a double island – Parallel, T-shaped, Wrap-around and Mismatched – and we’re here to tell you which style suits which kitchen space.


Parallel islands are one of the more popular configurations due to the practicality that the design offers. This layout works best in a large, square kitchen as you can make the parallel islands the focal point of the room.


This layout lends itself to kitchens that are smaller in size, as the two islands are connected, so you don’t need as much space.

T-shaped islands are ideal for families and those with busy kitchens, as parents can keep an eye on children whilst planning and preparing meals.


For a place to hold a dinner party and entertain guests too, the wrap-around (or L-shaped) island is the perfect arrangement to accommodate a large number of people.

This layout is also great for open plan living as you can separate the space between the kitchen and living room.


Go bold or go home. Contemporary kitchens allow for a more experimental style to be incorporated into the space. Choose mismatched materials, colors or shapes for the two islands and create a showstopping contrast that’s unique and personal to your style and needs.

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