Discover What Home Upgrades Add the Most Value

Owning a house can be one of the most rewarding milestones any American can achieve.

However, with the average age of first-time homeowners increasing to 471, when you finally get your foot in the door you will want to make sure your home earns as much money as possible.

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A new report released by Wren Kitchens has revealed the home upgrades you can make that can increase the value of your home by an incredible $147,0002.

The report questioned 2,000 US homeowners and renters to reveal how much homebuyers would increase their offer by based on different home upgrades.

A new kitchen is the most desired home upgrade

The report by Wren Kitchens reveals that a new kitchen is the most desired feature, with homebuyers increasing their offer by more than 5% on average if the property hosts a modern cooking area.

The second most desired feature of a house is a new bathroom, with homebuyers willing to increase their offers by 4.8% on average.

These percentages were then compared to Zillow house price data to reveal the true net cost of home upgrades taking into account reductions for outdated features.

The top features, along with the percentage increase they add to the value of a home can be seen below:

Upgrade/home feature% increase on the value of a homeNet increase based on the average cost of American real estate
New kitchen5.17%$24,000
New bathroom4.78% $23,200
New heating system4.75%$11,900
New electrics4.63%$22,600
New carpets/floors4.57%$22,500
Double-glazed windows4.46%$11,200
Plenty of parking4.37%$11,000
Attic conversion4.22%$10,600
Garden makeover4.09%$10,300



2.     The average home value taken from Zillow was then divided by the percentage increase found via the Wren Kitchens survey.

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