Top tips for getting your kitchen ready for Christmas

With Christmas right around the corner, you might be wondering how best to plan your kitchen for the festivities. What lights should you hang up? What are the best accessories to decorate your table? Should you try and squeeze in your Christmas tree or place it elsewhere?

If that’s got you panicking slightly, don’t worry. We reached out to an expert decorating influencer, Mary, @my_renovating_diary, for her advice on how best to decorate your kitchen over the Christmas period. And not only that, but we even invited Mary to do a photo shoot in a Wren kitchen so you can see how she does it!

So, get that mistletoe ready and that Christmas wreath prepped; here are Mary’s top 7 tips on how you can start decorating your kitchen for Christmas!

1. Add some festive greenery

First things first, Mary suggests adding some festive greenery to your kitchen space. Not only will this help keep your kitchen fresh, but it will likely boost the mood of anyone who steps into the room.

A large centrepiece stone vase on your kitchen island filled with a mass of green winter foliage, white berries, and eucalyptus leaves, is perfect for this. And if you don’t have a kitchen island, then an open spot on your worktops or around the room can work just as well.

2. Decorate your open shelves

If you have open shelves in and around your kitchen, then there’s never a better time than now to decorate them. Personally, Mary likes the blended aesthetic offered by garlands of faux-eucalyptus, frosted pinecones, and white berries, with your shelves bookended by miniature lit Christmas trees and Nordic houses.

Of course, if this is not to your taste, then there’s no harm in bringing colour to your shelves with decorations of your own choosing. The important thing is to decorate the space in a way that you like.

3. Squeeze in a faux-Christmas tree

This might not be possible for everyone, but if you do have room in your kitchen, then the addition of a sizable faux-Christmas tree is a must.

Mary suggests having a lit tree no taller than 8 feet that you can then decorate with wooden beads and plain paper decorations to match our previously suggested Nordic feel. Or, alternatively, with whatever decorations match those on your shelves.

4. Change your rugs and cushions

Since it’s Christmas, it’s not just your kitchen counters that should get redecorated, but any cushions, rugs, and sofas you have in and around your kitchen too.

Red and white are the classic colours of winter, so why choose anything else? Change your rugs out for festively suitable alternatives and replace the covers on your cushions for those offering a seasonal blend.

5. Don’t forget the table decorations

Table decorations can be tricky at Christmas. While you want something that fits the festive atmosphere, you don’t want it to get in the way when you’re tucking into your Christmas dinner.

Fortunately, Mary has a simple solution. By mixing oranges, decorated with cloves, and recycled baubles inside a Christmas-styled ball, you get a colourful display that can easily be moved when needed. And for an added touch, why not throw in some decorative figs?

6. Put up your Christmas wreath

A quintessential Christmas decoration, whether it’s hung on your front door or nestled snuggly at the centre of your Christmas table, you can never go wrong with a Christmas wreath.

Mary personally prefers a Christmas wreath made from dark red and green eucalyptus, feathers, and white berries, all topped off with a big white velvet ribbon at the bottom.

7. Make your lights festive

Kitchen lights can already make your home feel warm and welcoming to guests, which is exactly what you want at Christmas time, but there’s no reason they should be cut out of your decorating plan.

As her final tip, Mary suggests tying a couple of faux-mistletoe sprigs and white berries to any hanging lights in your kitchen. And if your lights are built into the roof, then why not try these sprigs to the handles of your wall cabinets or the structs of your racks and shelving units?

And there you have it; those are Mary’s top decorating tips. Of course, these are only suggestions, and you should feel free to decorate your kitchen how you see fit; whatever gets you in the festive mood!

And if you’re after even more tips and inspiration for ways to style your kitchen, then don’t forget to head over to our kitchen blog and kitchen design hub where we have all kinds of advice on ways to brighten up and improve your kitchen.

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