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Top Five Cosy Autumnal Interior Trends

As the temperature drops, it’s the perfect time to look at how you can add warmth and comfort into your home with a seasonal makeover. 

Sure, the nights and getting shorter and darker, but it’s not all doom and gloom as when the season comes, it’s time to change your home décor to create a homey and hygge space. 

Get ahead of the interiors game and plan your next kitchen spruce-up with these inspiring autumnal trends…

1. Take inspiration from organic materials

Shaker Forest kitchen in Shadow

Natural materials promote a sense of wellbeing, comfort and warmth and you can simply achieve this by bringing the outside in with materials such as stone, brick, timber, rattan, metals, cotton and seagrass. 

We’re talking about layering it up organic rugs, wooden bar stools with plush cushions and tableware with clay-like ceramics and organic linen. 

Apart from accessories, there are heaps of ways to achieve an earthy yet luxe look with Wren’s naturally inspired Elements range. Colour your cabinets with textured and stylish shades such as Washed Concrete, Flamed Oak, Metallic Gold and Moroccan Linen. Or, either choose on-trend neutral colours such as Wren’s Taupe, Shadow (as pictured), Chiffon or Sea Foam hues.

Natural worktops and splashbacks are a staple way to bring a sense of nature and tranquilly to your kitchen space. Think real thick timber oak mixed with dramatic and veined Xena Quartz.

2. Add a cosy nook


Get cosy this autumn and create a snuggly corner in your kitchen with a kitchen nook. It’s a versatile space ideal for an informal get together, intimate candlelit dinners, reading on a blurry-eyed weekday or a quiet space for the kids to do their homework.

No matter how big your space is, you can always add kitchen nook seating. And Wren can help you do just that. If you have a quiet corner, or a stunning window view that you want to make the most of in your kitchen, then we can make your nook the star of the show.

Add layers of cushions and throws as well as rug to keep the chill at bay.

3. Go for luxurious and bold 

Country Ermine kitchen in Blueberry Matt

Swap summer pastels and go deeper and more luxurious with your colour palette. Rich hues such as greens, berries, blues and blacks are a colour trend that’s here to stay in kitchen cabinetry. 

These opulent jewel tones bring drama, creating a mid-century space complete with a lavish Art Deco influence. 

Classic examples include our Georgian Ermine kitchen in lush Forest Green and Shaker Forest kitchen in dramatic Alchemy. Other colours that add charm and character to your aesthetic includes Wren’s bejewelled Sapphire, traditional Northumberland, and luscious Roman Leaf green.

For a hint of bold hues in your kitchen, go for block-colour accessories such as artwork, materials, and tiles. 

4. Layered lighting for ambience


Candles are a textbook way to create a cosy atmosphere in any space, but in a kitchen when the light is minimal there’s some clever tips and tricks to add more ambience. We advise under cabinet strip lighting or plinth lighting for not only practicality reasons but to enhance your space.

Layering up your lighting gives you multiple options and it’s also known to influence your mood and wellbeing which is especially important when the season changes.

Feature lighting that glows in glass cabinets or around a focal island creates a warming feeling, and highlights the aesthetics of your stunning kitchen space too.

Don’t forget accent lighting such as pendants and chandeliers for those more formal occasions. 

5. Picture-perfect pantries

Shaker kitchen in Roman Leaf

Autumn is a natural point of the year for a rejig and a declutter. It’s gratifying to have that fresh-start feeling knowing that everything has its place ready for the indoor party season.

Integrated is the way forward to keep clutter away from the worktops such as Wren’s magic corners, spice racks, wine racks, larder units and integrated pet beds.

But pantries (or larders) are making a huge comeback especially on social media as they’re styled to a tee with impeccable, uniform labelled jars. These not only look stylish, but the savvy design means it can make life a lot easier for finding and storing essential ingredients. 

Wren has all the solutions to integrate a pantry into your space, whether it’s a slimline pull out one or a corner walk-in style, we can make your passion for pantries come to life!

Top-tip: Don’t forget to match your interior storage to the theme of your kitchen such as glass jars with wooden lids for a Scandi, natural style and marble-effect containers for a luxurious look.

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