Summer Treats: Apricots

The summer is now well and truly upon us, and alongside the blue skies and school holidays we’ll soon see the welcome sight of fresh, juicy apricots piled high in greengrocers across the country. It’s definitely worth taking advantage of these while they’re available, but it can be difficult to get the most out of them when so few recipes call for them. Here we’ve provided some of our favourite ways to prepare them, so you can really enjoy the different flavours and combinations this sweet, succulent fruit has to offer!


Warm Apricots With Ice Cream

Baked apricots make an incredible dessert for a dinner party – and an even better snack for one on an indulgent summer afternoon! This fantastic recipe from Delicious Shots uses vanilla, cardamom and dessert wine to add a little depth, and tops off the warm apricots with ice-cream for a beautiful summer twist.


Apricot and Pistachio Bake

This amazing Greek-inspired cake is the perfect way to get a little more out of your apricots, and by using extra-fresh produce that’s in-season you’ll turn out a tasty version every time as long as you follow For the Feast’s simple recipe. This is finished off with a decadent white chocolate cream-cheese frosting – try experimenting for a show-stopping dessert!


Moroccan Almond Chicken And Apricot Skewers

Apricots are an ideal match to a number of meats – in particular, lamb is a Moroccan favourite throughout the year. For a sweet, satisfying main meal, you can’t go wrong with these almond chicken and apricot skewers from Williams-Sonoma – perfect for a barbecue or with a salad and a glass of wine on a balmy summer evening.