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Our 2023 Children’s Bedroom Giveaway Winner!

Earlier this year, we launched our highly anticipated fitted bedroom range – and it’s something we feel really passionate about. So, what better way to share our excitement than to give one lucky child a £5000 bedroom makeover in time for Christmas! 

After receiving more than 600 nominations, all of which were equally deserving, our team was faced with the challenging decision of selecting one child to receive the exciting prize. After much deliberation, our team decided to gift the bedroom makeover to 8-year-old Fearne, who lives with her family (including twin sister Molly) in St. Helen’s.

Fearne was born with Cerebral Palsy, a group of conditions that affect a person’s ability to move and maintain balance and posture. Fearne does a fantastic job of raising money to fund research of this life-altering condition, and her commitment to raising awareness about Cerebral Palsy immediately inspired us. 

Since Fearne does so much for other people, we wanted to repay her kindness by gifting her the bedroom of her dreams. Fearne’s mum, Emma, was over the moon to have the opportunity to makeover her twin daughters’ bedroom, and just in time for Christmas, too. 

The whole family were invited to our St. Helen’s showroom to work with our designer, Morgan, in designing the new bedroom. The girls carefully selected two colours from our Macaroon collection, Marshmallow and Jelly Bean, which both work perfectly with our Contour 4 Panel Ermine style and Natalie copper bar handles.

The girl’s bedroom boasts accessible storage options such as under-robe drawers, internal drawers, and pull-out baskets, making it easy to keep their toys organised. The bunk bed, equipped with two brand new, comfortable mattresses from our exceptional bed and mattress collection, also boasts a pull-out drawer, adding to the overall functionality and comfort of the room.

With the twins sharing the cosy space, they needed as much additional storage as possible for all their things. Our designer, Morgan, chose to add a run of Limed Oak shelving to create extra space for books, toys, and decor!

Fearne chose the Brecon Seashell Oak Woodpecker flooring, which beautifully complements the Marshmallow and Jelly Bean units as well as the soft pink wall colour.

Fearne’s mum, Emma, has described the entire experience as amazing, and says the bedroom is now “so lovely and calming”.

We are honoured to have been able to create Fearne and Molly’s dream bedroom – and what a transformation!

If you feel inspired to re-design your bedroom, book a free design appointment with one of our talented designers and watch your dreams come to life!

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