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Emma’s Bedroom #Wrenovation

After designing her kitchen with Wren a few years prior, Emma was ecstatic when she encountered Wren’s new range of fitted-bedroom furniture.

This luxurious bedroom offers generous space and large windows that let in plenty of natural light, with a stunning view of the neighbouring fields.

To create a tranquil atmosphere in her bedroom, Emma chose a light, soft colour palette. Emma found the Shaker Classic Ermine range in Pebble Grey Matt to be the ideal style for her bedroom, complemented by a classic Lily bar handle in Stainless Steel that worked perfectly with the contemporary feel of the room.

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Emma sought to maximise the available space by filling an entire wall with wardrobes and drawers, providing her with ample storage space. Achieving perfect symmetry, two double banks of wardrobes were placed on either side of the wall, connected by 3-drawer chests and bridging units. She opted to leave the middle area empty so she could fill it with decor, trinkets, and eventually a TV.

Emma now has a luxurious and comfortable space to get ready, thanks to a matching Pebble Grey dressing table that fits perfectly opposite her wardrobes.

“Having the dressing table has made it so much more comfortable and easy to get ready in the morning. I’ve got everything that I need at my disposal. Prior to having my dressing table, I used to have to stand in the hallway downstairs because it was the only area that had a mirror!”

She opted to complete the look with two coordinating 2-drawer bedside tables, which beautifully frame the bed. The carefully coordinated furniture pieces lend a sense of simplicity to the space, creating an atmosphere of serenity and tranquillity.

“When we designed the bedroom, I already had in mind that I wanted a nice dressing table and matching bedside tables. That was the beauty of doing it through Wren. I could get everything matching, everything coordinates, and it all works really well together”.

Designer Ben Allen from our Lincoln showroom collaborated closely with Emma to design her dream bedroom space. “I really enjoyed planning the bedroom, it was easy to navigate from unit to unit and everything went smoothly.” Ben remarks. “Emma in particular was very pleased with the unit choices and the accessories they came with”.

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