Linda Loves – Spring | Spring Salad Crudités with Dips

Linda Loves – Spring Salad – Crudités with 3 dips

The Spring Salad Recipe

Spring is the time to enjoy the arrival of warmer weather – the perfect excuse to invite friends & family around for a casual lunch. All the shops should be full of fresh produce, including all those important greens – Our lunch is a celebration of all those things. In this video, I’m going share with you my 3 most favourite dips ever! To compliment those fresh spring greens.

1st dip: – Anchoiade Dip

This dip is really lovely served with hard-boiled eggs, new potatoes and fresh raw carrots.  Put all your dip ingredients into the blender and blitz them until you get a smooth consistent dip and add parsley if you like. 


2nd dip – Red Pepper dip

Really simply ingredients here, pop all 3 ingredients straight into the blender, and just pulp until smooth. Perfect with those crunchy raw vegetables.

Spring Screen 6

3rd dip. – Pesto dip

Again, just scoop all the dip ingredients into the blender and keep going until you get a smooth lovely dip,  adding extra oil to until the dip is a nice creamy texture. Great with blanched broccoli and fresh spring onions. 

Spring Screen 7

There you have it!


Spring Screen 6B

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