Kitchen Design Trends Set to Take Over in 2022

Kitchen with dark hues and double tones

2022 is fast approaching, and with every new year comes brand-new trends for our homes, and our kitchens. From fresh cabinet colours to lighting trends like hanging pendants over our kitchen islands, the Wren Kitchens team are predicting that plenty of people’s kitchens might be getting an overhaul next year.

By tapping into the wealth of creative and inspirational imagery found on Pinterest, we set about analysing numerous kitchen images under the tag ‘2022 kitchen trends’ in order to predict what the most sought after kitchen styles might be next year.

New worktop and cabinet colours, updated hardware, and even more open furnishings – the hottest kitchen styles for 2022 look to be taking a dramatic shift towards the sophisticated and elegant.

Kitchen islands and statement chandeliers

Statement pieces have always been a common element of any kitchen design, and 2022’s kitchens are set to be no different.

Well over half of the trending kitchens that we viewed had a classy hanging light fixture that stood out as the centrepiece of the room. Not only that, but many were also styled to blend seamlessly with their chosen kitchen island.

Kitchen islands only seem to be increasing in popularity thanks to their spacious prep room and additional storage space. The addition of a hanging pendant light is simply a great way to enhance their aesthetic and utility. If you’re debating the practicalities of a kitchen island, our kitchen planner might be able to help you plan your space.

Statement lighting above kitchen island
Holly Hinton’s Wren Kitchen

Open shelving and glass-fronted cupboards

Open and bright spaces also seem to be another popular theme for next year’s kitchen trends. Glass fronted cupboards are nothing new but it’s clear their popularity is on the rise once again. Displaying your pots and pans not only lets you find them quickly, it gives the room a more accessible feeling overall

Of course, cupboards themselves might be taking a backseat for 2022. The idea of open shelving has moved well beyond simple spice racks, many people choosing to store their kitchen implements in full view for a modern feeling.

Being both beautifully simplistic and budget-friendly, it’s no wonder both these styles are taking front and centre.

Open shelving in dark grey kitchen

Dark hues and double tones

Colour has always been a vital part of any kitchen, but it looks like we’re moving away from the clean crisp whites and creams of the last few years. 2022 is looking likely to see the reintroduction of smooth dark colours that offer a dramatic ambience. Deep royal blues, charcoal greys, and muted greens – all of these colour options can add a sense of tranquil opulence to their surroundings.

But it’s not just singular colours that people are opting for. Two-tone colour combinations have proved to be very common in up-and-coming designs, particularly the mixing of wood grains with single dark hues. It seems 2022 is determined to replace the old school sense of cabinet uniformity with more innovative colours and looks.

Quartz worktops and wooden floors

About the only aspect of kitchen design that people don’t seem to want to change is the classic idea of wood flooring. A wooden or wood-effect floor is simply timeless in its appeal and adds a real sense of natural calm to any room.

Quartz and laminate are also continuing to retain their top spot as the first pick for kitchen worktops. This is no surprise given their durability and easy-clean properties, as well as their in-vogue looks.

However, the humble splashback is getting an upgrade this coming year, with white quartz proving to be a particularly popular option.

Quartz worktop with white double sink

Subtle and bold additions

When it comes to kitchen highlights and hidden accessories, striking extractor fan shapes and carefully concealed pantries are the order of the day. Much like the preference for chandeliers, a unique extractor fan can make a similarly bold statement and act as the lynchpin of your kitchen design.

Alternatively, if you want to keep things more subtle, a hidden pantry is a great way to conceal moveable kitchen appliances you don’t use all the time or properly organise your food into appropriate groups.

And when it comes to the small features of your kitchen, these haven’t been missed either. Brass taps and handles are set to complete the look of any 2022 kitchen you step into.

It’s clear that 2022’s kitchen styles will be taking a big step away from more traditional tastes, and you can stay up to date every step of the way with Wren Kitchens.

If these new trends for 2022 have got you excited to update your own kitchen, why not take a look at our kitchen price estimator or design tips to help cost and visualize your ideal kitchen setup.

We also have numerous buying guides to help you pick the right worktops. sink, and kitchen appliances, as well other great pieces you can read for more kitchen ideas in our inspiration section.

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