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Jack’s #Wrenovation – Tips for Designing a Children’s Bedroom

Children’s bedrooms are the perfect blank canvas to make a bold splash with décor, be it through colourful furnishings, feature walls or statement furniture. Let your child’s personality reflect itself through colours and decorations that will transform the space from a place to sleep, into their own private oasis. Of course, as a child grows older their tastes and interests grow with them, which is a problem parents are faced with when designing their child’s room. To tackle this issue, ensure that your design, colour palette, layout, furniture, and storage, is easily adaptable.

Jack’s parents have ensured that his bedroom will carry him through his younger years right up into adulthood, by choosing a timeless design in an easily adaptable colour palette. In rich Navy Blue, the Shaker Classic fitted wardrobes and dressing table provide masses of extra storage without overwhelming the small space.

The fitted wardrobes comprise of a two-door wardrobe with hanging rail, a single door wardrobe with pull-out drawers and shelves, and under-robe drawers, to maximise all available space. The mixture of shelving, hanging rails and drawers, will provide more than enough space for Jack’s clothes for years to come. Under-robe drawers are home to Jack’s puzzles and games, keeping the space clutter-free in-between plays.

Cleverly adapted into a desk, the dressing table is perfectly symmetrical with three drawers on each side and a knee drawer connecting the two. The classic piece of furniture, which is currently used as a place to read his books, will allow for many uses as the years go on, from doing homework, to getting ready to go out with friends.

A neutral colour has been chosen for the walls to give the room the power of adaptability. As Jack’s interests change, so will the décor and design, and a light-toned wall colour is perfectly accommodating of that. For now, the room is filled with dinosaur décor and toys – his current favourite.

Our top-tips for designing a child’s bedroom

Choose a timeless design

Ensure that the style you choose for your fitted-furniture will remain forever-stylish and adaptable. All our bedroom furniture has been designed with this in mind, featuring frontal styles that will never age. As your child grows and their bedroom is re-decorated to suit their new hobbies, the fitted furniture will remain the one constant.

Leave space to play

Make sure the bedroom furniture leaves ample space for your child to play and grow. Maximise the height of the room by including under-robe drawers and robe-top cupboards, ensuring every inch of available space is utilised.

Think ahead with storage

When planning your storage solutions within the furniture, don’t just consider what your child has now, but plan ahead for the future. As your child grows in age and height, so will their collection of clothes and belongings. Will there be enough storage space for any future sports equipment, school books or larger items of clothing? Thinking ahead will stop the need to add more storage solutions as they grow older.

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