How to Create a Timeless Kitchen That Will Never Date

Your dream kitchen is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, yet it will be the most rewarding too. For many, the kitchen is the central hub of the home, connecting your friends and family in one space, whether it’s for weekend brunch, a casual soiree or a birthday get together. 

Our years of expertise with endless possibilities (10 million combinations, to be precise!) will bring you a bespoke kitchen that’s perfectly matched to you and all your family’s needs. 

But before you go ahead, take on board this advice to help you achieve a timeless look that will never date, plus the focal areas in your kitchen that you should splurge that little bit more on! 

Shaker Style 

For a timeless and elegant choice, Shaker cabinets are a low-maintenance and luxury design that create a period charm to your kitchen. Warm wood worktops paired with creamy white Shaker cabinets will make a classic combination with a modern edge. With this design, you will never fall out of love with your kitchen.

Beautifully Subtle Palettes

Neutral toned colour palettes offer a warming welcome to any kitchen. Soft subtle greys, blush nude pinks, and creamy caramel colours in a matt finish bring a quiet and understated confidence to Shaker cabinets. Our extraordinary display of colour options means that you can create a bespoke kitchen design that’s unique and personal to you.

Wonderful Worktops

Blur the boundaries between the outdoors and indoors by choosing a solid Timber worktop and add an organic and ornate feel to your kitchen. Available in three friendly and unique finishes – Oak, Walnut and African Teak – timber worktops are a durable choice that will never date. 

Plus, if you want a low maintenance worktop that will look brand new for years to come, why not opt for Xena Quartz? It comes in several mesmerising shades, including traditional marbles, glistening flecks and specks and veined patterns that will suit any style of kitchen. It’s made from one of nature’s hardest minerals, and it’s easy to clean as you only need to use mild soap, water and a cloth. It is non-porous and very resistant to cracks and stains, so it’s worth investing in if you have a busy household! 

Smart Yet Pretty Storage

Pantries (or larders) are back in business and create a beautiful traditional charm to your kitchen. The pantry is also a practical (and pretty) storage solution. As a top-tip, keep your pantry well-stocked with fresh produce, tasty treats and herbs and spices so that you can feel a sense of joy, comfort and culinary inspiration when you open the doors to your cupboard of nourishment. 

Durable Ceramic Sinks 

A traditional, long-lasting kitchen sink is a fundamental feature that all kitchens should home. For a sink that has a sophisticated aesthetic but with a hard-wearing structure, choose a ceramic, deep bowl construction.

Here at Wren, we offer a vast array of kitchen sinks – including a dreamy double Belfast – allowing you to create a fundamental finishing touch to your kitchen. They’ve been in fashion for over 300 years, so we don’t think they will date anytime soon!

A sink is a well-used area, so it’s important that whatever is thrown its way, it still looks brand new. As well as this, it must be durable when you’re not only washing your pots and pans but bathing your muddy pooch and little one too!

Brass Hardware

Antique metals add a special finishing touch to a timeless design. Available in various textures, colours and finishes, we are seeing a rise in demand for brass hardware due to the beautiful bespoke charm they create. 

Although they are small, handles have a big impact on the finished look of your kitchen. Show off elegant framed frontals with a simple knob or cup handle. Our Jessica Aged Brass Cup Handles and Chloe Aged Brass Kob Handles will bring character and sophistication to a traditional space. These designs can be considered as period pieces that will never go out of fashion. 

A beautiful tap is also a crucial part of your kitchen. From trendy to traditional, copper and chrome, our wide range of taps will complete your sink (and space). Make a grand statement with the outstanding Apollo brushed bronzed tap or the timeless brushed copper Talos tap. These traditional designs will fit right into a long-established room and make the space a picture-perfect period place.

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