Footballer Toni Duggan’s Kitchen Wrenovation

“We’re really excited to actually make the house a family home. I think things are gonna be a lot livelier in this kitchen!”

Toni Duggan, a professional footballer who plays for Everton and the England National Team, is currently enjoying a break from the game after the arrival of her first daughter, Luella, who was born in March.

Toni wanted to create a contemporary kitchen fit for post-match relaxing. With the help of Wren, she was able to create a beautiful and functional space that was perfect for her young family. The end result was a perfect combination of modern aesthetics and practicality, a kitchen where the whole family can cook and dine together.

Toni was determined to create a modern kitchen that oozed sophistication, so she chose our Milano Contour Ermine kitchen in the striking shade of Nero Matt. The monochrome colour palette complemented the contemporary finish perfectly, and when combined with the handleless cabinetry, marble floor tiles and crisp white walls, the result was a kitchen that radiated class and style.

Making the best of the available space in her kitchen, Toni opted to install a tower unit with two integrated AEG ovens, allowing her to batch-prepare her post-game meals with ease.

Furthermore, she took advantage of the corner of the kitchen to fit an integrated AEG washer dryer machine, a decision that will undoubtedly prove to be invaluable now that their daughter, Luella, has arrived.

Toni has been able to take advantage of the open-plan layout, creating a generous central island with modern appliances and a sociable seating area. The Zanussi gas hob and AEG downdraft extractor are seamlessly incorporated into the island, allowing Toni to cook and socialise simultaneously. Her favourite post-training dish? A pan of ‘Scouse’!

“Being a footballer I obviously have to eat healthy most of the time. In Liverpool, we have a dish called Scouse, it’s like a stew. So I make a nice pan of Scouse before I go to training, leave it on the hob, and I come home after training and it’s ready! Perfect!”

With her family expanding, Toni needed to maximize her storage space. To do so, she selected integrated pull-out tower units and magic corners, to gain additional cupboard capacity.

“With the storage, there’s so many different options. I love the fact that I’ve got tower units, it’s just a lot easier as you can see what’s in there. Sometimes in a cupboard it’s difficult to see what’s at the back, but the tower unit just pulls out and you can see everything that you’ve got. Also the Le Mans unit as well for the pots and pans, that just pulls out. I like all those little features that I probably would never have thought of! “

Kitchen Features

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Melt Kitchen Pendant Light – £147
Luxor Grey Velvet Bar Stool – £89
Black Pebble Clock – £40
Dalita Vase – £16.95
Vulcan Pull Down Tap

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