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Feel Good in Your Kitchen with Feng Shui

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This Saturday marks the official start of Chinese New Year. In celebration of this, we have sourced an age-old principle originating from China which brings happiness and harmony into your home: Feng Shui.

For those who are unaware, Feng Shui is an ancient art that offers a way of harmonising energy to assure good health and fortune. Your kitchen is part of the so-called feng shui trinity – the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen – because of its utmost importance for health and well-being. We’re revealing our top tips that you can apply to bring balance and comfort to your kitchen…and relax!

Energised Colour Palettes

Wren Kitchens Contour Jellybean

Create a space that’s light and bright by choosing soft-toned colour palettes. Pretty pastels, warm whites and sophisticated greys make a fresher than air feel to your kitchen and form a social space for everyone to enjoy. For a source of inspiration, view our collection of dreamy lighter shade kitchens and feel an immediate sense of composure and calmness.

Glass Cabinets

Glass-fronted cabinets are a stylish and straightforward way to open up your kitchen space. Displaying your much-loved crockery for all to see will help keep your kitchen organised – further adding to the positive aura and Feng Shui feel of your kitchen.

Go Green

Milano Contour Wren kitchen

Not only do plants embody life and energy, but they also eliminate harmful toxins too. Whatever the shape or size of your kitchen, you can easily create a personal plant sanctuary to improve your health and enhance your mood. Herb gardens are a great place to start and add a sense of beauty, natural scent and calm to any kitchen. However, please note that plants are like humans; every plant is unique and likes different things. We’d advise spending a little time researching into the best-suited plants for your lifestyle.

Warm Natural Timber

Bring the outside in and use natural products to add warmth and a sense of strength to your kitchen. For a truly bespoke design element, choose a Wren exclusive Butcher Block in Oak and Walnut finishes which can be integrated into any design and create a perfect prepping area for home-cooked dishes to be primed.

Layered Lighting

Lighting helps create ambience and atmosphere, making it a key characteristic of your kitchen. Layered lighting allows you to vary the brightness of your space, ensuring you have just the right amount of light and energy for different social occasions. From subtle and soft plinth lighting to singular bright spot lights, here at Wren we have a vast array of lighting choices to bring your kitchen to life.

Smart Storage

Cutlery drawer organiser Wren Kitchens

Keep the clutter at bay to create feel-good energy and a logical flow. Redesign your drawers to create space for all of your kitchen tools, especially sharp utensils like your kitchen knives. By doing this, you can keep any negative energy at bay and instead enhance the overall positive aura of your feel-good kitchen.

Keep it clean

To promote good chi, ensure your kitchen is well-maintained, regularly cleaned and well stocked. The kitchen symbolises nourishment and love, so the hub of the home is important to keep spick and span and in military order.

Cleaning hacks will ease the pain of hours of scrubbing such as using all-natural cleaning vinegar to remove limescale from taps and kettles and run a lemon and salt over your wooden chopping boards to keep them super fresh and clean!

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