Halloween Inspired Cocktails

Ciders, apple juice, perries and berries are the fruits of the harvest. Why not mix up some fun drinks, cocktails and mocktails for the season ahead?

Autumn is all about warming drinks and seasonal cocktails. Whether you’re snuggled up with family in front of a roaring fire or hosting a Halloween or Bonfire Night for friends, earthy, rich and feel-good flavours are the order of the day.

What to serve?

Alcohol Free
  • Lemonade with raspberry syrup and a drop of blue food colouring makes a fun drink for Halloween.
  • New season’s apple juice with sparkling water, cinnamon, nutmeg and crushed ice will make a refreshing and appealing drink for any age group.
  • Give sangria a twist by using apple cider, ginger beer and white wine.
  • Apple liqueur served simply with tonic water and an apple slice makes a seasonal alternative to a G&T.

Seasonal Tastes

Bring the essence of autumn to life for your family and friends by making drinks using warm fruity flavours with exciting spicy notes for refreshing yet comforting brews.

What to add?

Cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, salted caramel, nutmeg and pumpkin spice.

To what?
  • Try cinnamon, ground cloves and nutmeg with warm apple juice – add a splash of rum for the adults. Or use cider rather than apple juice for a totally grown-up mix.
  • Make a hot chocolate even more indulgent by adding a cinnamon stick, some vanilla extract and a strip of orange or lemon peel.
  • Stir pumpkin spice into your morning latte or have an afternoon sweet treat by adding caramel syrup to your cappuccino.
  • Pop a cinnamon stick in your assam leaf tea – and don’t forget a dollop of honey for sweetness!

Spooky Rum Stir

This fruity rum brew is the perfect seasonal serve, especially if you’re hosting a Halloween party. Get creative and switch the glass for a mini cauldron for a creepy atmosphere.


  • 50ml raspberry rum
  • 60ml cranberry juice
  • 15ml Cointreau
  • 10ml lime juice
  • 3 strawberries
  • Ice cubes


  1. Add all the ingredients to a shaker and shake for a minute or so.
  2. Pour into a highball glass or cauldron to serve.

Jack Fire Mules

This quick and easy classic cocktail will warm you from the inside out. The perfect tipple for Bonfire Night celebrations or one to impress guests when entertaining at home.


  • 50ml cinnamon whiskey
  • 200ml ginger beer
  • Ice
  • Lime wedge


  1. Fill a glass or copper mug with ice and pour the whiskey over.
  2. Add the ginger beer and squeeze in the lime.
  3. Stir and serve.

A Fruity Mix

This fun and fruity mocktail is just the tonic for the season and is suitable for children and adults who want an alcohol-free drink.


  • 50g pumpkin or butternut squash, peeled and deseeded and cut into chunks
  • 1 pear
  • 250ml orange juice
  • 1cm thick slice ginger
  • 100ml water


  1. Blend all the ingredients until smooth.
  2. Serve in tumblers.

Feeling inspired? Check out our blog for more seasonal recipes or book a free design appointment to start designing your dream Autumnal kitchen.

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