What Will Your Future Kitchen Look Like?

Modern Kitchen Gadgets

Technology is moving forward faster than ever, advancing what we can do to manipulate and optimise the world around us. So… What does this mean for our future kitchens? Will we have appliances that collect our dirty dishes and robot chefs that cook up a storm? Joking aside, there are certain to be developments that will help make kitchen life a walk in the… stratosphere.

Cartoon Of A Steel Kitchen Servant


Smooth Curves In Futuristic White Kitchen

Firstly let’s delve into what kitchens of the future may look like. When I think of ‘the future’ I imagine sleek colour palettes of whites, greys and silvers, not dissimilar to something from Captain Kirk’s deck! I think illumination and clever lighting will play a prominent part, with touch-sensitive lighting offering illumination in specific locations around the room as required.

Curved cabinetry and floating worktops may also become popular, with advances in physics-defying technology making pretty much anything possible.


Whirlpool Interactive Cooktop

Current contemporary kitchens offer promises of sleek and minimalist design, encompassing handleless cabinetry, soft-close drawers and push-to-open doors. These are relatively simple mechanisms designed to ease and quicken daily tasks.

Which brings us onto the importance of multi-tasking for future Kitchenistas – Whirlpool have already unveiled their ‘kitchen of 2020’ which includes an interactive, voice-activated, fully internet-enabled Cooktop allowing budding chefs to bring up Pinterest recipes while they simmer. Love sharing your culinary masterpieces with your social media friends? No problem! Instantly post photos while you cook. Bad news for Instagram foodie-haters though…



I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask of someone to invent a transparent toaster… This will save so many burnt fingers, electric zaps and worst of all, burnt toast! Imagine your fresh bread browning beautifully before your very eyes… It doesn’t get much more hi-tech than that, does it?…

It does! Imagine an interactive cutting board, similar to the hob shown above, allowing you to browse recipes before you actually get to the hob. It would also act as digital scales, making sure your ingredients are perfectly weighed ready to go into whatever fancy cooking appliance the future may hold!

Siobhán Andrews, an innovative genius, has invented this very device, aptly named Chop-Syc. Siobhán won Sharp’s #GetItDownOnPaper competition, and landed herself a two-month internship in their European Laboratories! I wonder what’s next on the gadget list…