The Weird and Wonderful Items You Can Buy From Chip Shops Around the UK

Fisha and chips

The local fish and chip shop is an iconic part of life in the UK and a staple of the nation’s diet. There’s nothing like picking up fish and chips on a Friday night, carefully delivering it back home in its typical paper packaging and listening to your stomach rumble as that distinctive smell hits you!

While we’re all agreed that fish and chips are a real treat, there has long been a debate up and down the country on the key elements that make up the UK’s signature meal. Lots of weird and wonderful things that you might not know about are on sale in chippies across the UK, but not all of it is available on everyone’s menu, and it’s not always loved nationwide.

Excess batter bits – what should they be called?

The most common name for this fried extra is scraps, however, there are many among us who call them bits and even gribble.

Bread bun or bread roll?

Bread roll, butty and cob… what do you call this item of food? Here’s how different parts of the UK pronounce the legendary “bread roll.”

Weird and wonderful regional fish and chip delicacies

Depending on where you are in the UK, wandering into a fish and chip shop can be a vastly different experience. There are lots of unique delicacies specific to certain regions of the country – we have listed some of them below, along with where you can usually find them. We asked the nation whether they sounded nice or nasty:

Item                                   Found inSounds niceSounds bad
Orange chips – chips covered in orange batterThe West Midlands44.1%43.8%
Pea fritter – battered mushy peasPredominantly the South coast of England43.2%48.1%
Pizza crunch – a battered slice of pizzaGlasgow35.9%54.0%
Babies yed – a pie which consists of lamb or pig kidneys combined with diced beef and gravy in suet pastryWigan34.0%55.2%
Pea wet – the juice surrounding mushy peasWigan24.3%58.0%
Yorkshire fishcakes – fish cakes surrounded by batter and friedYorkshire60.3%27.1%
Mint sauce on mushy peasNottingham48.3%39.0%
Rag pudding – suet pastry wrapped around some minced meat and onions with gravyOldham46.4%40.8%
Deep-fried haggisScotland35.0%51.3%
Deep-fried chocolateScotland29.7%59.9%

Wren Kitchens conducted survey of 2002 UK residents on regional fish and chip shop offerings, what people called different items and whether the different regional delicacies sounded nice or not.

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