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Don't understand either?

Let us break it down for you

35 years of experience goes into making a Wren kitchen and during this time we've developed our processes to ensure you get the best quality kitchen, at the lowest possible price.

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Ok Jonny...

So you're ready to discover the secrets behind how Wren make their kitchens so impressive, stylish and still so cheap?

Let's think it through...

Family run business

Well Jonny, Wren are a family-run business and as I've told you before, family comes first. As a privately-owned business Wren have no big dividends to pay, or corporate shareholders to impress, so they are committed and devoted, just a like the restaurant that offers impeccable service, to putting their customers first.

Family run business
Made in the uk Made in the uk

Made in the uk

Wren manufacture all of their kitchens at their own private factories in the UK. Do you know what that means, Jonny? Once built, the kitchens are carefully distributed by Wren's fleet of big green Lorries, right to their customer's door… Is it starting to make sense now Jonny? Very good.

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And just like us Jonny, Wren are proud and passionate about what they do. So proud, and so passionate in fact, that they offer a 20 year guarantee on their kitchens. That means if you purchase a Wren kitchen, Jonny, it will be covered until you're as old and as wise as your good old Uncle!


Fully Assembled

Now Jonny, this bit is the real clincher. Every Wren kitchen cabinet and door will arrive fully assembled, so none of that flat-pack hogwash you're use to! Wren cabinets are delivered ready to install, saving customers valuable time. Ok, very good!

Wren vs Competitor

Fully Assembled Fully Assembled


...And if that's not enough Jonny, there's all the extra details that make a Wren kitchen stand out. Like their soft-closing doors as standard, as well as their extra deep cabinets, perfect for fitting in all your mama's pots and pans! And with their extensive range, Wren have got all of our kitchen needs covered!

Fully Assembled

Soft Closing|Extra Deep|Large Range|Seamless Finish|fully assembled

The Big Book of Kitchens

Ok, so how do you buy a kitchen?

Well Jonny, you can start simply with a brochure. That's where I learnt everything I know...

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The new Wren Kitchens Brochure is filled with exciting stories behind our products and new ideas that will make you love your mornings and evenings just a little bit more.

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